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The Fortune Is, STILL, In The Follow Up!

Thank you for visiting to find out why well over 10,000 entrepreneurs since 1999, and most still do to this day, use Postmaster Software and how YOU too can be more productive, more effective and get A LOT more done everyday, using LESS of your most valuable asset, YOUR TIME!

One of my favorite things is connecting with clients that have benefited from Postmaster for YEARS, often over a decade! This makes going against the grain, not taking the advice of my guru friends to follow the crowd and bill clients monthly for an email service, well worth the lost revenue. It’s not been all sunshine and roses but, with us, it’s STILL all about the client, and NOT just the money! The world would be a much better place if we weren’t in such a tiny minority.

Warning: Not all email/contact marketing solutions (aka autoresponders) are created equal.


What Would It Mean For Your Business If Prospects You Haven’t Talked To In Days, Months or Even Longer… Began Reaching Out To YOU, Ready To Know More?

We guarantee you never, EVER, let another prospect slip through the cracks and be forgotten about again!

(See our informational and walk-through videos below, then fill in our form to download and try Postmaster INSTANTLY and find out how to send unlimited text messages with NO message fees, in addition to unlimited email follow up!)


Why should I use Postmaster vs. one of the autoresponder companies?

  • One-time investment with a 6-8 month payback and it’s yours forever (with our lifetime license). Save hundreds, even thousands of dollars over time with Postmaster!
  • You control everything from your PC 100% with NO branding, other than YOU and your company.
  • Unmatched personal-touch, with the recipient unable to tell your emails are automated at all.
  • Far more flexibility using powerful automation of our IES module (Incoming Email Solution).
  • The best DELIVERABILITY possible! I won’t argue the point with autoresponder companies, and their self-reported deliverability rates, that send millions of messages a day from a single server with an unavoidably certain and constant amount of customers spamming. What I will say is that absolutely NOTHING gets better deliverability than sending personal messages, one at a time (automated mind you) through your ISP or Webhost right to the recipient’s Inbox, period!


If you reach out to us at 888-793-2882, or fill in the form to the right and include your phone number, we’ll even log into your PC and set it up for you! We’ll also walk you through our software in about 15 minutes, start to finish!


“I can not believe I was able to ever function without it” – Kevin Wilke, VisionPro Associates

“Your software is the best thing since the Internet…Wow! in my sleep I’m beating my competition.” – Paul Conti, San Jose, CA

Right now, I’d like to go on the record that without the help of the following three mentors, I would have never been able to accomplish what I did. Frank Kern and my very good friends Marlon Sanders and Terry Dean all played integral roles in our success and the success of our clients. Later on, I’ll share a short story that will mystify you that I was able to build a successful software company at all. As always, it took a village! Hint: If you’re just in this for yourself and trying by yourself, save the time & money and don’t lose your day job!


Be honest now…

How many of your potential prospects in the past, have slipped through the cracks, and you’ve forgotten all about?

How do I know that this is probably case? I’ve been doing this a very long time, so I know the odds. And, you have lost sales and recruits due to a lack of follow-up, and if you’ve been doing this for any amount of years, chances are that it’s A LOT! Obviously this means that you’re losing profits!

But, ultimately, what this means is that you’re able to help far fewer people, that really do need our help! So, it’s recommended that you stop letting potentials fall through the cracks, now, and put some automation to work for you, your business and your potential new team members!

Ok, humor me for a moment. Imagine if you had the email address of every single potential prospect that you have EVER connected with, in a simple to use yet powerful contact management and email marketing software. And, they are organized by categories that you can send a single personalized email (or entire series) that you wrote ONCE, anytime you want, to any group of contacts, just pushing a few buttons.

What would this mean for your business, and ability to build and foster relationships, INDEFINITELY?

In a moment you should be a little angry that you have not found this automated marketing solution long ago! I hear this all the time from new clients. I do understand why you’re here. Either you’re having the same problems many of us had before Postmaster, poor follow up OR you have way too heavy daily workload and not enough hours in the day if you do it right!

Very soon, you won’t be able to help but be building and marketing to a growing contact database just like the pros!

We all have 24 hours in a day; it’s what you do with the time that separates success from failure. Make your life a lot easier, getting a crucial part of your success DONE for you! Free up more TIME to spend on other productive business building activities, with family, sleeping, whatever you wish!

Most people don’t know this, but I started our first company with very little money and just the year prior, I literally didn’t even know how to shut my PC down properly. Shhh…don’t tell anyone, but I used to just click the off button! Hard to believe someone like myself was able to start his own software company!

This demonstrates TWO CRUCIAL attributes of starting a successful small or home business. One is that I HAD to find and rely on others and that’s always the case regardless of the venture! Whether you hire an expert (obviously I had to hire a programmer:) or get mentors to learn from, and I did BOTH. You should too. I’ve mention my mentors that I depended on the most in the beginning, Marlon Sanders, Terry Dean and Frank Kern. The second was I had to BELIEVE that I could do this. It’s not too hard, though some have to work a little harder at it, but honestly without believing that you can it’s nearly impossible.

“The person who thinks he can and the person who thinks he can’t are both right.” — both Confucius and Henry Ford

Only then, and it took LESS than a year, were we able to have our first $2500 week, and a couple years later my little company, that I started in the attic of my original home, was doing over $2500, on average, every single business day of the year! I have the tax returns available, just ask me to see them.

The other reason I’m telling you this is because there was ONE more underlying reason that I was able to do this, seemingly impossible feat. I didn’t have the massive ad budgets most companies had, and I still don’t spend the big bucks even today! So, how did I make it happen? Two words, FOLLOW UP. Yep, I had to continue to reach out and share; keep giving value, ideas, resources, etc. until the time was right or I proved that I (we) were worthy of working with. At the time, I simply couldn’t afford to just “let prospects slip through the cracks” just to generate tons more, forking out tens of thousands in advertising ongoing! Well, needless to say, what came about was solid principles, we and our clients use to this day.


Let me know if you’d like to know more, right here:

Free 1-on-1 Coaching.Prospecting Academy: Learn how our clients prospect (with the help of a cutting-edge phone app) and recruit over 1 new partner every week!

Get Cutting-edge Updates.Network Marketing: 18 years of success building strategies we taught to some of the most successful leaders in our Industry.


“All Wealth is Based on SYSTEMS.”

Another of my favorite marketing gurus is Dan Kennedy. I hate that word, guru, but he certainly qualifies and not just because he hit worldwide celebrity status long ago, but because he’s were the ‘gurus’ go to get educated and reeducated on online marketing, similar to my very good friends Marlon Sanders and Terry Dean, and others. It bothered me at the time, when I was told that my business model was all wrong, but that’s a different story that I’ll get into in a moment.

Dan has said so many times that I can’t count that, “All wealth is based on SYSTEMS.”

I’ve always said, “Network Marketing is the best business in the world!” There’s many reasons that I feel this way…the relationships, mentoring, personal development, massive leverage and duplication, non-discriminatory nature, shares a dream, changes lives, and not the least of which is that this business is based on a SYSTEM. A PROVEN wealth building and life changing system that anyone with a dream, some time and the will, can achieve. This was the initial inspiration for me to create, Postmaster back in the early 2000’s.

I wanted to create a SYSTEM, just about anyone could afford to pay for ONCE, that immediately went to work for their business, and forever! To this day it still has no match, not a single viable solution like it, anywhere near our one-time investment. The best feeling in the world is hearing from clients that still use Postmaster years, even more than a decade later! It’s very rewarding, let me tell you and despite so many of my guru friends, over the years, telling me time and again that it was the wrong business model! “You shouldn’t sell a one-off, Mark, you need to offer it as a monthly service!” Baaa! It was more important to me, and still is, to provide a high value tool that clients can pay for once, and use forever!


We’ll help your business become a more effective and profitable, I guarantee it, but don’t just take my word for it. Listen to what a few experts in the field, feel about Postmaster Software!

“I have tried all the well known available mailing pieces of software out there, and Postmaster is far and away the best that I have ever tried. You can’t beat the ease of use, toll free support and price. Just try to find what they are giving you for $300 anywhere else. I dare you!!!.” – Matt Gagnon, Mazu Publishing

“After using Postmaster for 9 months I can not believe I was able to ever function without it. I now have 20+ categories and send out anywhere from 50 to 100 personalized follow up messages a day (not counting any “immediate send” messages). It has been a lifesaver! Thank you!” – Kevin Wilke – President and Editor, VisionPro Associates

“This automated marketing tool would easily pay for itself in a few weeks when used by any serious marketer.” – Marty Foley,

“Your software is the best thing since the Internet. What took me 3 years to get 3,500 email addresses paying an assistant $10 bucks an hour cutting and pasting one at a time has now taken me 3 weeks to get 1,123 contacts and Email addresses while I was sleeping! It’s all worth 10 times what I paid for it. Wow! in my sleep I’m beating my competition.” – Paul Conti, San Jose, CA

“I can attribute in excess of $6,400.00 in sales to Postmaster…It more than paid for itself the first week!” – Bill Berkey, Publisher of E-Digest

“This freed up 70% of the time I was spending doing follow ups, answering email, online training and other necessary tasks. Now I am truly automated – A Marketer’s Dream! For the Serious Marketer, the system is a must and is well worth twice the price they ask.” – Norm Sailer, Wichita, Kansas

“IES actually reads and answers your incoming email, then filters the contact info into your Postmaster database, automatically!” – JR Orsoni

“Thanks in advance for your dedication in customer support, for your time and efforts. Yours is the most amazing automated system I have seen in 8 months of online research. You have revolutionized my whole business!” – Mark Andreas Giesecke, Germany

“I absolutely love my Postmaster program. When I started using Postmaster I reduced down my email workload literally from 8 hours per day to less than 5 minutes per day! In addition to that, I went from a middle leadership position to the highest leadership position in my business in just 16 days. Plus the ability to manage my contacts has been a wonderful blessing. It would be difficult for me to imagine doing my business without Postmaster. I now have dozens of my associates who have purchased and use the program also. Thank you so much Online Automation!” – Michael Lancto Jacksonville, FL

Click here, to hear from more of our clients!



I’m confident, if you give Postmaster a try,

Try Free…you’ll find out that it’s exactly what you need right now to build your list, manage all your contacts in one location, and send ‘personal touch,’ yet SECRETLY automated email follow up, that’s just not possible with Aweber or Get Response, etc. And, like many of our clients (many with us over a decade), you’ll quickly see why they can’t imagine life without it! success3

It’s called Drip Marketing and it WORKS! (Click to see Infographic). Honestly, I can’t count the clients that have told me they’ve had prospects join… 3, 6, 9, even more than a year later, because the timing was right, or something they sent, resonated with them. WITHOUT, at least, something like Postmaster… 90%, 95%, or more, will NEVER get a chance!

“The biggest mistake that I’ve made in my time online was to think I could be successful without building a list.” My friend and top Internet Marketer from Spain, Mark Thompson.

It’s simply, spoon feeding step-by-step, easily digestible amounts of information over time, and our software is the ONLY solution, anywhere near our price, where your recipients have NO IDEA that your messages are automated. This is simply NOT possible with Aweber or Get Response! This approach has worked since the advent of direct mail…only now the cost-effectiveness is OFF THE CHARTS, especially once Postmaster has paid for itself and you own it, free and clear.

Now imagine, that you had a push button software on your PC that would keep track of EVERYTHING to do with ALL your prospects, including what you’ve talked about, what you need to focus on and exactly which intimately personal messages they’ve received, tracking sending on your behalf automatically with a click of your mouse.

And, you can now send UNLIMITED TEXT messages, at NO COST, that is normally .04 to .06 cents each, using a service. This is perfect for instant notifications to prospects and team members of upcoming calls and events, again, with a click of your mouse.

Find out right now, why we’ve sold over 10,000 Postmaster licenses to date! Here’s a couple more client comments…

“…I can not believe I was able to ever function without it” – Kevin Wilke, VisionPro Associates

“Your software is the best thing since the Internet…Wow! in my sleep I’m beating my competition.” – Paul Conti, San Jose, CA
Try Free

See more client comments below, and fill out our short form to get INSTANT access via email to the download, try Postmaster for FREE, and learn how you can also send UNLIMITED TEXT messages!

All without ANY monthly ongoing payments! Pay once and it’s YOURS!


Postmaster Desktop Software, Since 1999,

…for easy push-button list building, contact management & tracking, instant communication, email broadcast updates to everyone or any part of your list, along with complete email follow up automation. The best part is the unmatched ‘personal touch’, yet secretly automated with no one being the wiser, just not possible with traditional autoresponder companies! No autoresponder company branding, just a personal message from you to the recipient, just as though you sent it from Gmail or Outlook, where they have no choice but feel you just sat down and typed up a message just to them.

Right now, you can GAIN a massive competitive-edge over the 4 of 5 Networkers, NOT following up consistently!

Imagine if YOU could automate all your email and even text message follow ups, build your list, answer email, make changes to your list and make more sales? All critical to your success, PLUS very time consuming, and you can do it all with one software tool!

And, it’s as easy as asking someone for their email, in addition to their phone number and getting their details into Postmaster…a single application to consolidate every contact and communicate with prospects and team members, simply pushing a few buttons. The synergy following up via email along with the phone calls and text messaging is still the most effective way to get prospects to respond and eventually recruit them, while demonstrating to the prospect that this business is NOT hard! It just takes a consistent smart effort, following a proven plan and simply not giving up!

Our overall plan is simple; to move clients to a place where it’s NO longer “IF” they’ll succeed, to a matter of simply “WHEN!”


How to save an hour a day managing contacts, building a database list and following up!

Here’s two Screenshare Videos that show WHY Postmaster and how easy 30 day money back and simple it is to use to organize, keep track of all your prospects & team members, keep notes on each contact, see exactly which messages were sent when, send an instant personal email or add them to an automated follow up series, send instant broadcast messages to all contacts or any specific target (anyone in a specific category, living in Dallas that was added after January 5th.)

…All from a single, robust, simple, push-button automated software that you own & control with NO monthly fees and NO branding from any other company!


WHY Postmaster Software Screenshare Part 1 – 20 minutes


Postmaster Software Walk-Through Screenshare Part 2 – 35 minutes


All your email messages can be personalized by name, location or ANY database field to look exactly like any personal message sent from your main email platform with NO branding from any other company, but yours.

Try, Postmaster, a unique blend of automation and ‘personal touch!’

Try Free

Try Postmaster for FREE, right now. Just fill in our short form and you’ll instantly be emailed the download link and details. Special Note: You’ll also find out how you can use Postmaster, to send UNLIMITED instant text messages as well! You can easily send texts to your team on important conference calls, team meetings, Webinars, etc…along with keeping your prospects notified about any events!


Postmaster is super easy to learn and use, and right now you can see for yourself. Also know that you’ll have access to tools, FAQ’s, a step-by-step walk-through, and succinct training videos on every single potential task, that you can refer to anytime!
PLUS, right now you’ll have access to professional toll-free coaching from us for a full 30 days, life-time email support and we can log right onto your PC setup Postmaster and walk you through it live using a tool we love called!
Take a moment from your busy schedule now, and you can trade just a few hours for hundreds of effective hours back in just your first year! It’s user-friendly, easy to get started, and you’ll be VERY glad you did, for many years to come. Also you can save several hundred dollars in autoresponder service fees, not to mention the personal look and feel of your messages, IMPOSSIBLE for traditional autoresponders!


Now, The Bad News…

I’ve recently come to the unfortunate conclusion, even after dedicating over a decade of my life’s work to insuring Networkers were building a list (database) and following up consistently with ‘personal touch’ email messages… that there’s a HUGE number of Networkers now, about 4 out of 5, that for whatever reason are NOT building a list or keeping in touch with their prospects and even team members on a consistent basis and most hardly at all, especially when it comes to prospects!

It all started with a huge amount of, solemn, Industry member discussions that I’ve had over the last few months. I found out, firsthand, how FEW Networkers are following up via email, at all anymore! A greater percentage of Networkers were following up via email, diligently, a decade ago than now!

It’s a TRAVESTY and I’m on a mission to educate those that are overlooking this KEY and STILL MOST cost-effective communication method on the planet, even if they decide to go a different direction.

The idea is simple. Stop letting prospect after prospect fall through the cracks, never to be heard from them again…whether they come to them online, buying prospect leads, offline or their warm market.

This is causing a massive amount of waste over time, as the 95% or so that the timing wasn’t right, or it just didn’t resonate with them initially are going into the abyss, never to hear from you again!

If you’re in the 4 out of 5, do yourself a favor…download and try Postmaster, our qualifying and recruiting assistant…that never sleeps, never complains or asks for days off and never asks for a raise. Ultimately, start spending more time with the RIGHT prospects, at the RIGHT time.

I know that one reason Networkers procrastinate on this, which was brought to my attention, is that not only do the autoresponder companies want $20-30 every month but, more importantly, the automated sequence of messages are seen as highly impersonal, with everyone knowing that it’s all automated…which limits their effectiveness and makes personalization seem a little silly!

Both points highlight, perfectly, Postmaster’s competitive advantages. With a ONE-time payment and ‘personal touch’ messages sent with NO autoresponder branding, that you control completely, and send as if you had just typed up a short personal message, just for them.

This is a powerful advantage over those using branded autoresponders and, of course, a massive advantage over, the vast majority of, those sending very little email follow up and not building a centralized list at all!

Postmaster Software, was originally developed by my company in 1999 with over 10,000 licenses sold to date, and it has a PROVEN track record…for building our own and our client’s lists, managing their contacts, and sending ‘personal touch’ yet, secretly automated email follow up, just not possible with Aweber and the others.

Also, unlike server-based systems, you have total control of your database! The security and peace of mind of having complete control of your contact database right on YOUR OWN PC is incredible. And, I wouldn’t take the chance that an online service is being blocked by a number of different ISPs and networks because of the massive amount of email they’re contracted to send or that someone won’t be turned off that they KNOW it’s completely automated. With Postmaster, your communication is personalized, branded only to YOU and comes directly from your email address to theirs. This provides the feeling and personal touch of you sitting down and typing your messages to each and every contact and the best way to insure that your email gets delivered to the Inbox!

Only then, can your email help build lasting customer relationships, instill product and brand loyalty, build trust and customer confidence, leverage repeat business and increase your profits, guaranteed!

Postmaster is as viable solution today, as it was a decade ago and some would argue EVEN MORE SO now, with the growing dependency on social media to communicate messages, though more and more inconsistent relying on your prospect’s user settings.

Most people, by far, simply spend entirely too much time on the wrong prospects, at the wrong time and not near enough time on the prospects willing to raise their hand demonstrating that they’re interested by reading and taking action on your email messages!

Instead, way too many of your prospects, over time, slip through the cracks! The sheer waste, in 30 day money backtime and money of generated, purchased and collected prospects, is a tragedy!

Wouldn’t you rather have a qualifying and collecting machine, working for you 24×7, making your business building easier, not harder?


We’ll help your business become a more effective and profitable, I guarantee it. You’ll easily have more prospects with more confidence and trust in you, but don’t just take my word for it. Listen to how our clients feel about us and Postmaster and why they would never be without it again!

“The profit level from my business has increased 300+% since working with Online Automation. Mark helped me just get out of my own way to start making more money than I have ever made online! Thank you Mark!” – Tim Cochran, Los Angeles, CA

“Online Automation has provided me with the opportunity to keep my pipeline full of more prospects than I have time to get to. They’re just simply superior to others and have outstanding customer service. Thank you Online Automation for partnering in my success!” – God Bless, John Riding, Clovis, CA

“I recommend Mark from Online Automation. He’s one of the most helpful and friendly guys to work with. You’ll be very pleased!” – Sally Henderson, Oostburg, WI

“Ever since working with you guys, my enrollments have drastically gone up. I would recommend you to anyone wanting to grow their business. Keep up the great work!” – Peter Burthwright, Markham, Ontario

“I recently started working Online Automation, and I put 24 new people in my business in under 60 days! As network marketers, time is our most valuable asset and building momentum fast being the essential key. We have been networking for seven years now, we know what we need, and Online Automation delivers, every time.” – Carol Van Tassel, Portland, Oregon

“Online Automation and Responsive Leads are the best companies I’ve ever used hands down. I highly recommend them, you won’t find a better quality company, period.” – Dwayne Stutzman, Toledo, Ohio

“Online Automation has been incredible! They have been a great source to keep my pipeline well-supplied with quality prospects. I have created more income with my home business in a few months, than i had over the previous 3 years! Thank you!” – Sheffie Hilliard, Fresno, CA

“I discovered you on July 21, 2011 literally by accident when I happened to see one of your banner ads and clicked on it. Since then, I have created more income with my home businesses than I had over the previous three years. I will forever be indebted to you. Your info and training were the literal starting points for my success.” – Stephen Ray Porter – Hannibal, MO

“Since I started using your information and coaching I’ve attracted thousands, literally thousands of leads to me. But more importantly, my team – people who were uncomfortable with the computerand the internet, people who had never done this before – within weeks they were attracting prospects to them!” – Mike Klingler Portland, OR

Click here, to hear from more of our clients!



It’s as true today, as it was in 1999 or 1920 for that matter…

“The Fortune Is, Still, In The Followup!”

…and this goes for Networkers as much as their counter-parts, just in a different way, from a different mind-set.

Now, find out why over 10,000 successful entrepreneurs have trusted Postmaster as far back as the early 2000’s for building their list, managing their contacts, tracking their conversations, and sending ‘personal touch,’ yet secretly automated, email follow up that’s just not possible with Aweber or Get Response.

Unlike, SO many of the Affiliate and Internet Marketing Sharks…our clients do NOT constantly pitch the next “shiny object” one after the other! This is a toxic and destructive plan, that’s ruining the make money from home industry…

So I could NOT be happier to hear that this strategy is catching up to them and they are finding that it’s NOT a sustainable model! Good, because I HATE it! It’s the polar opposite of everything my company stands for, AND our entire industry!!

While you will hear, ONCE IN A BLUE MOON, from us about someone else’s product or service…it’s ONLY because we use and benefit from it ourselves! …WAY different than most.

Instead, since 1999, we’ve focused on less than a handful of tools and REAL pre-qualified prospect leads and we’ve help build Industry Rock Stars, long before Aweber was even a twinkle of a thought.

Now, for reasons I can’t fathom, Networkers have gotten away from prospect list building and email follow up!

Think of it this way. We know, whether it’s 80%, 90% or even 95% are NOT going to join and for many different reasons.

Maybe the timing is bad, your message didn’t resonate with them, or they just don’t feel they can do it, at this point. Whatever the reason, if you don’t have a mechanism in place to reach out to ALL your prospects, the 90-95% that didn’t join right away, at once, anytime…just think of the waste and lost opportunity.

30 day money backSo, we are reintroducing Postmaster to the market, at a lower investment than we ever have before. Why?

Because I’m beside myself, how many Networkers no longer build their prospect list or follow up, past 2-4 manual copy & pastes!

It’s crazy, and I’m going to help as many more as possible, past the over 10,000 clients to date.

We’ve had tons of clients using Postmaster for YEARS, some over a decade, so I’ve been reaching out to them to verify my fears…and they’re making a point to tell me that Postmaster is every bit as viable today, as it was in the early 2000’s!

Some say MORE, because so few use anything, or try to use social platforms to get their message out, even though they’re dependent on the recipients settings whether they’ll be sent the notification, again how? Yep, by email!

I have a better idea 🙂 Try it now, no strings attached. Just fill in our form below, and get an email with the download link and everything you need to get started. We will be in contact within 24-48 hours!

And, the ones using the autoresponder companies (I admit, better than nothing) lose all their “personal touch,” the feeling of one-to-one communication, that we do NOT lose.

Postmaster brings list building, full contact mgmt, database driven email marketing, and point and click personal email follow up…BACK to the PC.

No more tracking, no contacts here and there, no more contact notes everywhere, and most importantly…

NO MORE prospects falling through the cracks, lost forever, never to be seen again!

We of course have our, 16-year, ironclad 30 day money back guarantee in place too, no matter what.




Be our next client of ours that says, “I can not believe I was able to ever function without it!”

Now, granted, this is an older comment from Frank Kern, The Guru To The Gurus, and he’s off to multiple thousand dollar, customized sales automation platforms…

We’ve been in business since 1999, and to this DAY, there’s STILL nothing that does EVERYTHING that Postmaster (Plus IES – The Incoming Email Solution) can do, at anywhere near it’s price…

Frank Kern said, “Online Automation’s Postmaster is without question the easiest, most reliable, and most effective (pc) system there is…PERIOD.”


Why our Desktop Software vs the online platforms?

Just like then, it’s a single message with ZERO branding, and no way to tell that the sender didn’t just sit down and type the recipient a special personal message, none. It’s done in a way, as if you clicked the send button yourself!

And, rather than worry about developing some professional fake email series or pay thousands of dollars for a professional writer, like me, to put it together for you…I’ll show you EXACTLY where to get the messages you need, that you have already written and in the style that will make them ten times more effective than even a professional writer, because they are real and already written for Susan, John, Becky, etc.

Once you purchase a Postmaster License, it’s yours for either lifetime or a MINIMUM of 5 years, more likely 7-8, unless you need a new code after 5 years. This ALONE can say you $1000’s over the course of your online business!

DELIVERABILITY! 90 whatever % they SAY…NOTHING gets better deliverability than sending personal messages, one at a time (automated mind you) from your ISP right to their inbox!


So, which camp are YOU in?

Are you sending a few personal messages and then that’s it, they don’t hear from you again OR are you spending the full amount of time it takes to keep in touch over the long-haul, and keeping track manually?

Every email sent from Postmaster is sent one at a time, but in an automated sequence tracked by the software, just how you originally set it up and it’s absolutely impossible for ANYONE to know that it’s automated.

Now, when you USE THEIR NAME, merging it in automatically, it means something and your message carries more weight, more credibility, and GET NOTICED.

This is exactly why so many Networkers insist on sending their messages manually, that you now know, you DO NOT have to do, using our secret automation solution.


How to easily and simply handle your intimate email communication with your current prospects, automatically, without them having a clue that it’s automated. NO autoresponder or company branding…but YOURS!

With a few clicks of a button YOU decide which days and the exact time of day to mail, Postmaster keeps track of who gets which message and EVERY message is a personal message sent from you, as if you just sat down and typed it up from them right then!

Every email sent from Postmaster is sent one at a time, but in an automated sequence tracked by the software, how you originally set it up and, as a matter of fact, it’s absolutely impossible for ANYONE to know that it’s automated for you.

And, when you USE THEIR NAME, merging it in automatically, it means something…unlike in an autoresponder, where everyone knows it’s fake. It’s almost insulting these days!

But if they get, what appears like, a personal message from you with NO autoresponder branding, nothing that makes it seem as if it was automated then your message carries more weight, more credibility.

This is exactly why so many Networkers insist on sending their messages manually, that you DO NOT have to using our secret automation solution.

All without ANY monthly ongoing payments! Pay once and that’s it! And, right now you can pick this invaluable automated, secret software up at 40% off!…

Take a moment from your busy schedule now and you can trade just a few hours for hundreds of effective hours back in just your first year! It’s user-friendly, easy to get started, and you’ll be VERY glad you did, for many years to come. Also you can save several hundred dollars in autoresponder service fees, not to mention the personal look and feel of your messages, IMPOSSIBLE for traditional autoresponders!



Order Postmaster Software Now, Zero Risk!

Our Software regularly sells for $349.00, BUT…
Order the LIFETIME package today and save over 30%!
Click HERE to get your LIFETIME Postmaster
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Finally, a source where prospects are actually expecting your call. Each one has reached out, actively looking and open to starting a home business and want to earn extra income in their spare time.

If you’re not quite ready to generate enough prospects leads, on your own, to keep you and your partners busy recruiting, we have the solution.

We are a 16-year proven source you can trust. We have proven our salt over the long haul, having generated and sold over 500,000 prospects for our industry! A 24-48 hours fresh, long form fills, right to your inbox 4 days a week!

If you don’t want to spend hours upon hours, and thousands of dollars to generate your own leads we are the perfect option for you and your organization, in the meantime.

How different would that be than what you’ve experienced? Are you tired of calling deadbeat leads, that have NO idea why you’re calling?

Imagine, what if 10-20 qualified prospects would just show up in your inbox four days a week without ANY work at all on your part, that you could reach out by phone and email, that are actually EXPECTING your call!

Well, it’s not a pipe dream, and it can begin happening as soon as 48 hours!

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Check out Responsive Leads Company, proven over 16-years, generating over 500,000 leads for our industry! A Trusted Source and Online Lead Gen Pioneer Brings YOU Highly Qualified, Targeted Prospects To Your Inbox Daily!

Imagine calling pre-qualified prospects actually expecting and waiting for your call! Each one has reached out, actively looking and open to starting a home business and want to earn extra income in their spare time.

Start Opening Up Productive Warm Market Teams All Around The Country…To Grow YOUR Downline, Bank Account and Lifestyle; Starting As Soon As Tomorrow.

Here’s direct value we bring to our clients…

1) We help clients duplicate their efforts, opening up local warm markets all over the U.S. that they wouldn’t have access to without Internet leads. Expanding your circle-of-influence and leverage beyond your local market is crucial for sustainable growth.

2) This is a great way to rejuvenate your business and your organization after local warm markets begin to run out. Remember the more sharing and showing one does, the more successful, motivated and excited they’ll be about their business. The impact can be powerful too, as the adrenaline and excitement flows to prospects, the more connections made. This is similar to when someone first joins, accept now they are better informed and educated about the business!

3) This strategy can also reduce the fear a new recruit may feel, thinking that their entire fate in this business, relies strictly on the people in there warm market that they know right now, their friends and family! Either the desperation or this confidence, knowing that their fate is not 100% reliant on them, will come across loud-and-clear to friends and family, early on.

4) If someone in the business doesn’t continue to do the things necessary to be successful, it’s only a matter of time that they’ll be off focusing on other areas of their life or that next deal they think is the one. Trouble is, the result will always be the same unless they commit to doing the stuff to insure their success.

This is where our pre-qualified Internet leads come in, and we have exciting news for you…

No question, after 16 years of invaluable experience and relationships, we’ve been able to procure as good of prospect lead as the top 5-10% of lead companies in our niche. We then offer them at as low as or lower prices than any in the marketplace. This is one reason why you were referred to us.

Yes, it’s absolutely crucial that you and your team have a consistent flow of like-minded qualified prospects into your organization, especially when it’s those folks whom have finally figured it out. They understand that continuing down the same path, doing the same things they’ve been doing for years is just never going to improve their situation or get them anywhere near where they want. The fact that they’ve finally realized they need a Plan B, IS HUGE!

But, honestly, this is only PART of the success equation that results in a booming, thriving, sustainable organization. And, unfortunately, over 95% of the field has this part almost completely wrong! So, way too often, they find themselves asking “why doesn’t my team members work their business like me?” and “why do my people give up, sometimes, faster than I can recruit?” I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this so closely parallels our Industry failure rate!

Now, if a steady flow of qualified prospects is the life-blood of a growing, thriving organization… than this is the heart muscle; Proper, Effective, Disarming, Unalienating and actually Duplicateable Recruiting and Business Building, through training and coaching that simply lays out the proven path of least resistance, finally making our Industry’s success available to anyone.

And, THIS is where we separate ourselves from the pack completely! Let’s face it, people HATE selling and they HATE to be SOLD. As a matter of fact, The Edelman Trust Barometer state that today only 8 percent of people trust what companies say about themselves. This means that 92% of the time you talk about your own company, you’re not believable. So, the more wonderful things you spout out about your fantastic company, the more unbelievable you become! Wow.

No troubles though, we have you covered! The moment you order, Mark, will insure you get our step 1 via email and get you on your way to the perfect, proven path of least resistance so you and your team can finally achieve the success you deserve!

You’re also able to upload our leads files daily, directly into Postmaster to begin your email communication immediately and of course indefinitely! It’s the easiest way on the planet, to build yourself a huge list, for mutual benefit, for a long time.



Your Own Personal Electronic Secretary!

And, it doesn’t get tired, doesn’t get distracted, can work after hours communicating with your prospects and team members, never takes a sick day or even a vacation, and never asks for a raise!…even when you become WAY more effective, efficient and helps grow your business profits through the roof!

Years ago, my company built a very unique front-end to Postmaster, an already very powerful contact database and communication tool. So much of your email and communication tasks can now be automated using our ‘built in’ artificial intelligence app called IES.

Now, here’s some details about our integrated sister app. Simply put, with IES you will secretary3have your very own Personal Electronic Secretary, that can handle a ton of your incoming email and instant responses for you!

IES checks any number of your email accounts and reads each message (leaving it right where it’s at), then based on the content, phrases, headers and words (Your Rules) WILL automatically allow your Personal Electronic Secretary to answer (auto respond), extract, respond, sort, route, forward, categorize, update a record, add to or remove from the Postmaster database, and much more — with seamless communication with Postmaster — saving you endless hours of work!

IES can provide instant custom responses, move contacts from a web form email into Postmaster, improve prospect/customer service 24 X 7, handle removes/undeliverables, and SO much more. Since Postmaster can mail merge any field in your database imagine how specific, personalized, and customized your instant responses can be!

Here’s just one little example. Think about the potential of this. First, you set up IES to check your email account and look for emails from, say, LinkedIn, and automatically extract the contacts name and email, etc. then add them to a prospecting series category in Postmaster. Once set up, mind you, the entire process is 100% automated!

Now, say, someone reaches out to you from any social media platform, like LinkedIn. What if now, automatically, a personal instant response is sent, introducing yourself and letting them know that you’ll manually send a few helpful resources to send them soon, then add them to Postmaster and begin sending them, tomorrow, personal emails with some resources, training or coaching ideas, an eBook, or video links etc. and begin building value and a relationship before you even reach out to them over the phone!

Now, how do you think that first conversation will go, after sending a few ‘personalized’ emails with some helpful resources and NOT selling them anything?

Imagine this as their first response when calling them; “Oh yes, Hi Mark! I know you. Thank you for thinking about me and sending me those resources and offering me some help and encouragement!”

We’ve been saying this for 15 years…“We simply wanted to build a piece of software where the only limitation was the client’s imagination.”

Postmaster is the ONLY solution on the planet to integrate incoming and outgoing email automation with a true full-featured contact database manager, working for you around the clock, for such a low investment and NO monthly fees, ever!

Online Automation’s solutions have been the choice of many top professionals in the online marketing arena, at one time or another, over the years. Successful entrepreneurs like…Marlon Sanders, Marty Foley, Kevin Wilke, Art Jonak, David Ledoux, Matt Gagnon, Rick Beneteau, Andrew Fox, Terry Dean and Mike Enlow to mention a few.

Postmaster makes life a whole lot easier for small businesses like yours, giving you the time and the power to market like the pros and helping you build your list like the big corporations for a fraction of the cost they pay for custom programming solutions.

I’ll even teach you what to send, when and why…like the secret to getting responses, not only in a very busy channel but how to get attention in a VERY noisy world! I’ll teach you the strategies and psychology behind sequential email marketing to legitimately and automatically build the trust and confidence of your prospects. Postmaster does much the work for you too. You still need to be connecting on the phone, but this makes it SO much easier when you do. Consistent personalized FOLLOW UP, done properly, tightens one-on-one relationships and helps position or posture yourself as someone that they need to pay attention to, follow and hopefully duplicate!


Insight and Encouragement From Marketing Icon, Terry Dean

Years ago, our good friend and online marketing icon, Terry Dean, mentioned to me “there’s a HUGE PROBLEM all publishers and online marketers are having…” Terry mentioned he was amazed at Postmaster Software and IES. He felt that the product was perfect, but I was not promoting the main benefit Postmaster offers him and all my clients. It’s ironic because this is the same today, for most marketers, as it was then! He said, “They simply don’t have enough time in the day to handle their incoming and outgoing (follow up) email effectively! Believe it or not, regardless how important most people know that it is, many people just don’t prioritize their email!”

I’ve emailed lots of these companies of the years! 🙂 How many times have you WANTED more information from someone or some company and never heard a word back!?

Terry went on by saying, “Postmaster is the only software in the marketplace that offers the complete solution to this problem and you need to focus your marketing on this incredible competitive strength. What IES offers, your own Electronic Personal Secretary, is what separates you far in front of the pack Mark. Your clients are able to free up an incredible amount of much needed time to build their businesses effectively and efficiently!”

I hear the same thing everyday — handling incoming email, managing contacts and lists, sending email, and following up are the most time consuming parts of your business. What more people need to realize is that a LACK of these things often cause huge losses in sales and potential new recruits!

Right now, you have a choice. You can choose to change all of that within the next few days and put Postmaster and our “Incoming Email Solution” (YOUR OWN PERSONAL ELECTRONIC SECRETARY) to work for you following up, reading and answering some of your email for you! Based on the content of any incoming email (to address, keywords or phrases in the subject or body) you can send an instant response – add, remove or move contacts to and from Postmaster categories, forward the message and much more.

As you will see, Postmaster Express the complete solution, especially when you add in IES, can just do so much for you…

  • Unlimited follow-up autoresponders from YOUR DOMAIN(s)/span>
  • Reads and answers your incoming email for you 24×7
  • Every message can be sent in BOTH HTML AND TEXT. (Which displays depends on the recipient’s settings)
  • Sends messages super-fast one at a time to insure the best deliverability rate possible!
  • Adds and removes contacts to and from your database categories
  • Extract any data from incoming email to add to your database
  • Extract any data from incoming email to add to your database
  • Unlimited categories of follow-up message series
  • Replaces multiple list servers and online services
  • Handles all your contact and database management
  • Unlimited ezines and personal message broadcasting
  • Single click cleans out all fatal un-deliverables
  • Tracks all your different marketing campaigns
  • One-click cleaning of ONLY fatal un-deliverables from your database
  • You’re not limited to how many messages your ISP will let you send
  • It’s unlikely that your messages will ever be blocked/filtered by various ISPs!
    ALL AUTOMATICALLY for unlimited different products, databases and businesses’ with ease — for such a low investment!

    This is something new that we are offering! Just ask me how…You can get an instant email or text message the moment an interested prospect opens your email and/or clicks on a link, in any of your messages sent from Postmaster!

    Consistent Automated Follow-up GETS RESULTS! Sell More of Anything You’re Selling…


    What would you do with a few extra hours every day? What about twice the income?

    Spend time with your family? Get more relaxation and sleep? Go for a walk or exercise? Eat a regular breakfast and lunch? Sit back and read a good book? Maybe take your family on vacation?

    All with the confidence that your computer and your business are working for YOU, around the clock, not the other way around. Life is too short. Don’t work harder, just smarter!

    Click here , to see 10 answers to my most common question…Why should I invest in Postmaster over one of your competitors?


    Does Email Still Really Work?

    “Email is the most cost effective marketing tool since the dawn of direct marketing!” PC Magazine

    And, Postmaster Software is widely considered the best and most effective Internet Marketing tool for small businesses and entrepreneurs worldwide!

    The question is, are you taking FULL advantage of this powerful and effective medium?

    I think Email has been getting a bad rap the past few years as more and more people depend on social media platforms to try to get their message out and the sheer volume of email hitting their inbox, though spam the last quarter of 2013 hit an 8 year low globally.

    This doesn’t change the facts. Email is still the most cost-effective communication medium on the planet. It’s still the best medium to get a fully crafted message in front of your prospect, and team members.

    Texting is great when it’s appropriate, like instant notifications or reminders of meetings and events. As a matter of fact, you can use Postmaster to send instant text messages, as well, to your prospects and team members, as easy as sending an Email! (Learn how just filling in our form and getting the download link instantly for Postmaster.)

    What many are not considering, with our inboxs full of messages that we’ll never read, is that once you’ve made a connection with a prospect (as well as your team members that WILL read your training and motivational messages), your open/read rate increases over a hundred fold!! We all read over messages that we are interested in or have a connection to the sender.

    So, it still remains as the most cost-effective personal communication available on the planet. And, if you’re not using it to it’s fullest extent, you’re holding yourself back from much greater success, regardless of where you are now.

    Why do restaurants, Fortune 500s, Internet Marketers, and Networkers spend millions a year to gather Email addresses still?

    …Because it still works, and works well! The top 5000 companies, alone, generate over $200 billion/year with ROIs from the 4 to 5-figure range!! Yes, as high as 60,000% ROI!

    According to the Direct Marketing Association, Email easily outperforms other channels in generating return:

  • Email: $39.40 for every dollar spent.
  • Search: $22.38 for every dollar spent.
  • Display: $19.71 for every dollar spent.
  • Social: $12.90 for every dollar spent.

Why do I bring this up? Because 4 in 5 Networkers I talk to every day, are not accumulating Email addresses in any database and following up? Why? That part we are not sure on.

It can cost as little as $20/month, and we offer a ONE-time payment and you’re done.

And, you already have a HUGE advantage over everyone else sending them Email. Most of the folks whom you’ll get their Email address from, will remember you or know you…so guess what? They have a MUCH higher chance of not only noticing your Email, but actually reading it! That’s GOLDEN.

So, even if you don’t automatically Email your prospects that don’t join early on, affiliate offers and monetize your lead gathering efforts…You’re still missing the boat on those just not quite ready, that have a good chance of never hearing from you again!

…You do know only 2-5% overall will buy/join, unless you’re really good at what you do. Even then, what happens to the other 95%? Do you think you might, just by chance call them 30, 60 or 90 days from now? Probably not. Instead they’ll fall through the cracks and be forgotten like everyone else.

One of my favorite comments to hear from clients are stories about leads, contacts, even friends that are not really interested at first, but either something changes in their life, or something you sent them resonates with them, and they reach out and want to join out of the blue! I’ve heard of 6, 9 months, and even well over a year later where this has happened!

If they were not in your list (database) they would have never heard from you, and forgotten all about you.

Not to mention, who knows what will change in your life, with your company, or where your focus is. It’s not fun, having to start all over. If you just accumulate Emails with phone numbers from EVERYONE, (social, offline, blog, at the store, etc) I promise it WILL payoff, and potentially in a BIG way down the road, as it has for many of our clients.

Click here for a few short client stories:

Click here for some screenshots of Postmaster:


THE Desktop Software For Prospecting.

I mean, it can’t hurt. Once you own Postmaster, you never pay again, so you can keep and use your database of prospects and team forever! Plus, chances are you’re often doing it manually already and you have a 30-day money-back guarantee!

If you are not at least sending a series of follow up Emails to your prospects now and just expecting them to pick up the torch and run with it, you know better. I’ll even go as far to say, there’s a VERY good chance that you’ll never really make it in the business. There’s just certain things one MUST do to have success in this industry and following up by Email and phone are at the top.

If you are doing it manually, because you’ve put off automating it, or you’ve justified it by saying you want your messages sent manually, by the touch of your hand, and not through Aweber or Get Response…you can pick up an extra hour or so RIGHT NOW.

One last, HUGE benefit. You can also know that you’ll get near 100% deliverability! Don’t listen to the lies…lots of the autoresponder service companies Email messages get lost in space. Sure some are worst than others, but NONE can beat a software that connects to your ISP’s mail server and sends one message at a time, period. Pretty fast too, but not too fast.

Order Postmaster Software Now, Zero Risk!

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Try Free

If you haven’t tried Postmaster yet, fill in our short form and you’ll be instantly emailed the download link and details. Special Note: You’ll also find out exactly how to send UNLIMITED instant text messages as well! You can easily send texts to your team on important conference calls, team meetings, Webinars, etc…along with keeping your prospects notified about any events!


Postmaster is super easy to learn and use, and right now you can see for yourself. Also know that you’ll have access to tools, FAQ’s, a step-by-step walk-through, and succinct training videos on every single potential task, that you can refer to anytime!
PLUS, right now you’ll have access to professional toll-free coaching from us for a full 30 days, life-time email support and we can log right onto your PC setup Postmaster and walk you through it live using a tool we love called!
Take a moment from your busy schedule now and you can trade just a few hours for hundreds of effective hours back in just your first year! It’s user-friendly, easy to get started, and you’ll be VERY glad you did, for many years to come. Also you can save several hundred dollars in autoresponder service fees, not to mention the personal look and feel of your messages, IMPOSSIBLE for traditional autoresponders!


Since you haven’t made up your mind, yet, here’s a few more things to consider. At least, be sure to do yourself one favor, and at least TRY Postmaster. You’ll be very glad you did!


Keep You and Your Business TOP-OF-MIND To Prospects

Listen, we’ve been doing this a long time, as you know, and we’ve seen first hand, what it takes to make it in this business as well as why most fail. One thing we know, beyond any doubt, is that there’s one crucial part of this business that’s irreplaceable, if you’re ever to reach your potential.

[…effectively and consistently using Email.]

If you think about how much you really do use email already, especially with prospects that actually become team members, you’ll quickly understand how crucial it is. And, there’s NO easier, less intrusive way to introduce, inform, educate, provide value and excite people about YOU and your business!

Are you still going to reach out to them by phone? Of course!ID-100262569

Just think how simple this can be. You can focus on being an email and phone number collector, then add them to the software and let them qualify themselves! We know we aren’t suppose to be selling anyway, especially if you saw my 25-page Prospect2Recruit training module, you know this. We need to let the online tools and 3-ways do the selling…perfect for a simple email series, spoon feeding the information they need and want as you’re just checking in on the phone, inviting to calls, events or a 3 way call then just inviting them to join you when the time is right.

You absolutely must use the most cost-effective form of communication on the planet; yep it still is and it’s not close. (see more on this later.) And, to use it to it’s fullest extent, simply include one crucial step… accumulate as many phone numbers and emails from as many prospects as possible, regardless how or where you met.

Believe me, I get why so many Networkers take the time, often more than an hour a day to manually send their initial message and track when to send their follow up messages…because that personal touch WORKS! Thing is, they just don’t know of a better, more automated way to gain the same ‘personal touch’ advantage, and use that time A LOT more productively!

No matter what, you simply must get some system in place to assist with your phone and follow up efforts, to inform and excite people ongoing, and keeping you TOP-OF-MIND while encouraging them to further qualify themselves by reaching out to YOU!


Ask yourself a few questions, to get you thinking…

  • Are you sending an Email to your prospect the moment you get off the phone and remembering to follow up with consistent digestible amounts of info?
  • Are you following up by Email, on a consistent basis, with ALL your prospects AND team members?
  • Are any prospects, no matter how you connected, falling through the cracks or being forgotten? Don’t feel bad, this is VERY common, unfortunately.
  • Do you feel that you just don’t have the time to follow up consistently?
  • Do you often lose track of contacts, even some ‘hot prospects’ at times and your team members as often as you want?
  • Is your database(s) so disorganized that you can’t use it effectively?
  • Do you feel, at times, that you are too busy to run your business effectively?
  • When you meet a new prospect online or off-line and ask for their phone number, do you also get their Email?
  • Do you often send long overwhelming emails to prospects and especially new members because it’s too much trouble to track and send a series of short messages with digestible amounts of info?
  • Are you building your own centralized contact base from all your prospecting efforts to reach out and communicate, anytime you feel like it?
  • How much time each day do you spend sending Email to your different prospects and your team members every day?
  • Do you struggle with keeping track of who’s gotten what info from you and what you’ve talked about with each prospect?
  • What if you had access to a single desktop software that would help you automate and track all of this?

Right now, you can get all the benefits and advantages of sending personalized individual messages, tracking who’s gotten what, keeping them on a schedule, manage and track all your communication and follow up along with click to send Email from your library at a moments notice… except now using a tiny fraction of time you’re spending now! (This is assuming that you’re still using the full power of Email, consistently.)

You’re here, so chances are you don’t have an automated system that nudges, inquires, adds value, asks questions, follows up, reminds and answers common questions for each and every contact in due course, over and over…? If not, try the database marketing system for the 21st Century. What you can imagine, I can help show you how to make it happen, automatically.

Postmaster is the only professional, easy to use database marketing software of its kind, anywhere near our single investment, delivering the best combination of ease, power, personalization, automation and cost!


Herein lies the problem, AND the solution.

One of the things business builders need badly these days, besides a secretary, is a qualifying machine. Most people spend entirely too much time on the wrong prospects, at the wrong time.

If you are manually sending Emails to prospects and team members, chances are you’re not following up properly. And, if you’re not consistently sending Email, ongoing, to all your contacts…thinking that you can “get by” without it and still get where you want to be helping the amount of people needed to be successful… is dangerous thinking and hopelessly naïve.

You simply must have a system in place to assist with your phone efforts, to inform and excite people, keeping you TOP-OF-MIND (an advertising term) and encourage them to qualify themselves and reach out to YOU!

Sure, branded autoresponders have their place, but when it comes to prospecting in our business, nothing beats personal messages directly from you. This day and age, people just don’t appreciate autoresponder messages and automated pitch messages nearly the same, especially when it comes to prospecting and encouraging them to join you in a business venture.

And, therein lies the problem.

If you’ve ever tried to keep up sending messages manually, and then keep track of who’s received which messages, not to mention how time consuming it is to simply send a message to everyone at once.

And, the truth is, this quickly gets out of hand if you’re prospecting correctly, working the numbers, and you consistently reach out by phone AND Email to the sheer number of new prospects you need to early on, to insure your success, at least until you have a team built…then you teach them the art of following up by phone AND email.

Within a month or so, IF you’re doing what it takes, it will be approaching the impossible, given the number of hours a day you have available, let alone find the time to keep reaching out by phone to your key prospects consistently. Keep in mind, an important result of using Email correctly, is that you’ll have prospects, raising their hand, and reaching out to YOU ongoing and rather than replying back by Email it’s best you take the time to call them.

Now, if it gets to be too much and you stop taking the time to send your important follow up Emails to ALL your prospects and team members on a timely basis, and consistently…then you’ll soon have an answer to the question, “why is my business not taking off like I thought?”

But what if you could keep up? What if all your messages appear like a personal message from you with NO autoresponder branding, nothing that makes it seem as if it was automated, then your message carries more weight, more credibility…without the time it takes doing it manually.

Oh yeah, and NO monthly charges either! NO other single strategy can have a larger impact on your business in such a short time.

So, if you really want to get your business and income where you desire and achieve your goals, you MUST find a solution to this dilemma.

Psst…our staple 16-year software solution is every bit a viable solution today, as it was in 2001.

Don’t forget to view the video above, “Exactly how to save an hour a day managing contacts, building a database list and following up using a secret automation tool, no one knows you’re using!”


Think about this for a moment…

Even if you never plan on selling anything else to them down the road, though it’s always a good idea to plan for uncertainty, what about the 95% that are not ready or interested at the moment?

What do you expect, anyone really but for sure, the 95% that don’t buy or join you right away, to do…if you only reach out a couple of times by phone and Email?

99.9% of the time, those that don’t join right away, NOTHING.

It’s very rare that they’ll ever track you down or do their due diligence on their own. Wouldn’t it be better to send them a personal, single step at a time guide, a short reminder email every other day or so?

You need to take them by the hand and show them a little at a time as you are reaching out to them by phone, doing the same.

BUT, how often are you not able to reach them by phone? Even, prospects that you’ve ALREADY connected with?


I know two things at this point. One is that the step by step email personal message series works. I’ve seen it first hand with more clients than I can count.

And two, If you don’t keep in touch, talking to them on the phone or sending consistent Email, they’ll quickly move their focus to other deals and their busy life, in no time.

And, if you’re reaching out to as many people as you need daily, to insure your success, it won’t take long to run out of day soon, trying to follow up by phone and manually sending Emails!

It still takes an average of 7 exposures for someone to buy into anything. Can you get this done using only the phone? It’s possible, just terribly inefficient, not to mention how hard it is to reach people, and especially if you’re dealing with the number of prospects necessary for sustainable success early on.

Listen, I’ve seen every which way people treat and work their business since 1999, and I know this beyond a shadow of a doubt…if you aren’t at least doing THIS much, I have some bad news.

This is simply a MUST, and I can help insure you spend your TIME, your most valuable resource…as effectively and efficiently as possible!


After talking with Networkers every day, for well over a decade, one thing has become crystal clear recently…

…After over 10,000 licenses sold, Postmaster Desktop Software has never been more needed in our industry, than RIGHT NOW!

I still can’t believe the number of Networkers that either spend hours and hours sending their Emails manually, or just don’t do much more than an intro Email, and maybe a couple follow ups!

And, if that’s not bad enough, the same amount are not building ANY central list or contact database AT ALL!

And chances are, if you are manually sending Emails to prospects and team members, you’re probably not following up near as consistent as you should. How do I know this? MATH. There’s only so many hours in a day, and with everything else going on, FEW are able to keep up very long.

I have NO idea what happened and why this attitude has proliferated the last few years. Maybe the focus on social media messaging has helped derailed the emphasis on EMAIL. Possibly it’s the ineffectiveness of trying to send personal messages through KNOWN autoresponder companies. Or it could be that their just being fed MIS-information. Of course there’s always that last thing… THEMSELVES…complacency, laziness, stubbornness, whatever the root.

The good news is that this leaves a window of opportunity for those willing to get back to basics and utilizing, still the most cost-effective communication on the planet.

It’s shocking, no question. I mean at the VERY least, you should be at least using an autoresponder to build a prospect list, even though it’s not as effective.

Ask ANY Internet or Affiliate Marketer and there’s no question, the single most important part of their business is building a list and following up!

Why an overwhelming number of Network Marketers feel it’s not that important, is anyone’s guess. Even if you prospect almost entirely offline, it’s just crazy not to ask for their Email address, right after getting their phone number!

The key is, it’s impossible for them to know you pushed a button and sent 500 individual personal follow up messages, or you just sent one!

There’s zero autoresponder company branding. Not a single clue it was automated. It appears (because that’s the way it was sent) that it came from you, right from Outlook or Outlook express.


Here’s a cool infographic, explaining the Drip Marketing Funnel, from our friends at This is a little complicated at first, but when you add IES “The Incoming Email Solution” into the mix, every bit of it can be accomplished. This is a tool that will build over the years. I promise it won’t take long to look back, as so many clients have, and wonder how you ever got along without Postmaster!

This platform, at is one of LESS than a handful, that even begins to offer the features of Postmaster and IES. Their platform runs $1,000 to $3,000 a year.

Postmaster Software and IES, the “Incoming Email Solution”, often referred to as your own electronic personal secretary, runs $249 ONCE, for a lifetime license.



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Postmaster is super easy to learn and use, and right now you can see for yourself. Also know that you’ll have access to tools, FAQ’s, a step-by-step walk-through, and succinct training videos on every single potential task, that you can refer to anytime!


PLUS, right now you’ll have access to professional toll-free coaching from us for a full 30 days, life-time email support and we can log right onto your PC setup Postmaster and walk you through it live using a tool we love called!


Take a moment from your busy schedule now and you can trade just a few hours for hundreds of effective hours back in just your first year! It’s user-friendly, easy to get started, and you’ll be VERY glad you did, for many years to come. Also you can save several hundred dollars in autoresponder service fees, not to mention the personal look and feel of your messages, IMPOSSIBLE for traditional autoresponders!


At only $199 to $249 vs. the normal retail of $349 you will NOT find a better investment ROI for your business and your TIME. I guarantee it… and in writing. Don’t pay every single month…pay just once and this powerful email and database marketing tool with your very own Personal Electronic Secretary is yours to work and build your business forever!


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