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If you need to start from the beginning, here’s…

Why this app and sending push-button sms & email after EVERY voicemail is SO crucial?

Note: If you haven’t gotten this powerful smartphone app working for your business yet, automating key initial strategies to getting your prospect’s attention and on the phone, just right click the heading below and select “open in new tab”…Use the password sent in our announcement if needed.




Our Prospecting Academy

Here’s some additional direction below as well, including actual video links to use in your communications, more content ideas, and links to both our Youtube channels for more resources to send prospects! Just right click the heading below and select “open in new tab”…See Part 4 Our YouTube Video Channel Resources. Use the password sent in our announcement if needed.

Here’s an example of a perfect short video to share as a resource link in your email messages that you’ll see at the link above. It’s a great example because it sells NOTHING, provides value to the recipient AND gets them thinking about UNCLE SAM paying their start up costs and beyond! (Several hundred dollars, or more, every month now available each pay period that can be used to start and maintain their own home-business income.)

The only requirements of a resource video to send to prospects before you’ve made a connection are that it shares NOTHING about your program nor sells anything, does provide the viewer value, and it should be around 3 – 8 minutes in length.

Sandy Botkins, “you’d have to be CRAZY not to start your own home business today.”




The Magic Communication Formula

The Magic formula “outline” for nearly ANY communication channel, especially EMAIL!

  1. Prospect’s name
  2. Who you are
  3. Why you’re reaching out
  4. What’s your Intention
  5. Support for your qualifications to help them (anecdotes, team comments, testimonials, etc.)
  6. Value-added resource links {1 or 2} (i.e. our NON-company video links) OR use your own NON-company video resource links. Only requirement is video offers real value, under ~5-7 minutes, while not selling anything!)
  7. Action you want them to take
  8. Your close + Prospect’s name again (If you’re using the Android app use a short close only, not name again here, for SMS msgs.)
  9. Your Signature – Your name and phone number. (You can use one of your social media resource links i.e. Facebook, as long as they don’t discuss your business. If they do discuss your business, you can use them just later in the process i.e. LinkedIn!)

As with all your communication, focus on how you HAVE HELPED others and CAN HELP them by being a valuable resource, mentor and asset as they begin, possibly, one of their most important life changing decisions.

Let them know that you’re excited about using your knowledge, experiences and insight to benefit them and be of service, helping them navigate through this incredible, yet challenging journey carving out their own business presence and earning their OWN money, on their terms.

You, also, need to let them know that you really do understand where they’re at right now and CAN help them, yet you understand that they MAY have concerns, but most importantly that you CAN help them and be an invaluable resource for them. And more important, YOU ARE ABLE.

You do need to commit to helping them, however you can, take this next big step. And when done properly (avoiding many of the pitfalls and challenges that you’ve already learned from and conquered) with their follow-through; will greatly increase their chance of success and the results they desire; whether they ultimately join you or not! Quite frankly, this is the level of commitment to others that it takes for you to have the success that most envision.




The Power Of Words

Just right click the heading below and select “open in new tab”…


The Power Of Words, From A Homeless Man…




A few last words…

1) Napoleon said, “We rule men with words.”

2) Edward Bulwer-Lytton said “The pen is mightier than the sword.”

3) Confucius said “Without knowing the force of words, it is impossible to know men.”

4) “Before approaching anyone, also know the 4 Power Words.” The most powerful words that you can use in approaching people are “I NEED YOUR HELP.” These words change the person’s listening from “What do they want?” to “How can I help?” Psychologically , they are Trigger Words. They trigger our instincts to help. Use them. They are powerful.

5) More Solid Word Phrases…

Courtesy Call
No Obligation
Free Information
With Your Permission
How Can I Help You?






  1. SMS Text Content
  2. Email Subject Lines
  3. Email Body Content
  4. Voicemail Scripts


Click here for help with adding content to your Android App Templates

Click here for help with adding content to your iPhone App Templates

Or Click here to start from the beginning; Why this app, and why send push-button sms & email with EVERY voicemail?


“The SMS text has been the real game changer. All the best tools and ability in the world mean nothing if you can’t actually connect with the prospect. Thanks for this Mark!”~ Mario Price (Grand Prairie, TX)


A Quick Introduction

This content is a guide. Variations of these same messages have been tested thoroughly, and proven to get attention from just the type of new recruits most are targeting and with the best chance of success.

Remember, you will need to interject your own flavor/style and personality into these messages, to insure it does feel as it’s really coming from you and you’re sincere. BE CAREFUL with ALL content BELOW with “square brackets” [ ] because that content ALWAYS needs to be edited. i.e. [Prospect] and [Your City, State], etc.

Not only will both apps merge the prospect’s first name, last name or retrieve other prospect contact fields using a simple [custom merge code] in any email, subject line and SMS text msg. You can also make changes (customize on-the-fly) any email content before sending to a specific prospect.

NOTE: Many Android phones struggle with editing SMS msg templates, on-the-fly, BEFORE clicking OK to send. TEST this on your phone to be sure.

As a rule, EVERY PROSPECT that comes into your “circle-of-influence” (not just our prospect leads) must get 3-4 voicemail, 3-4 SMS text msgs and 3-4 email msgs BARE MINIMUM!

Here’s a great article on about WHY SMS text messages are SO crucial! “Why Texting is the New Email in the Hiring Process.” This is regarding “job hiring” but the reasons are 100% valid in your recruiting business too.

Just don’t stray too far from each message concept. After all, this is the EXACT type of channel communication and wording that is getting prospect’s attention now, and helping many of our clients double, even triple their percentage of meaningful prospect connections! And, as a result double, even triple their number of prospect to recruit/customer conversions!

ALWAYS write as if you just sat down and typed a specific person a personal note! NEVER create your point-of-view as if you’re speaking/writing to a group; instead to just ONE specific person.

The key factors for these types of messages, next to your SUBJECT LINE and your point-of-view mentioned above, is that your messages are relatively short, EASY to read and offer the reader some value or insight that helps them.

Also, be VERY careful with the specific words you use within any automated content delivery system. This power and leverage can quickly evaporate when you’re not careful. As you can probably see, this is incredible power and leverage, …but only when your messages are carefully crafted, appear “off the cuff” freshly typed, makes situational sense and sent especially for that prospect.

Here’s what I meant by, “make situational sense.” For example, say I include this phrase in my 2nd email template, “…as soon as we can make a connection [Prospect]!” This makes it clear that I have NOT connected with the prospect yet and if you have it must be edited before sending. Just be AWARE and be sure you send appropriate msgs while making necessary changes BEFORE it’s too late.

In either phone app, you ultimately have the choice of which templated email and SMS text msg to send after you leave the prospect voicemail; unlike email autoresponders, for example. Just be sure to TEST the ability to edit your msg templates on-the-fly, from your phone, as needed.

A helpful solution here is the ability to have MORE THAN 3 email and 3 SMS text msg templates OR not worry about the 160 character limit of the Ultimate Sales Dialer SMS Templates, known issues with our recommended Android CRM app, unlike the iPhone CRM app that has no limits. Click here for more SMS msg template options!

As always, empathy and perspective are CRUCIAL here. It’s a good idea to really imagine some combination of your ‘average’ target prospect and their attributes, like a “Persona Template”.

As you write, actually picture that person and anticipate their most common concerns, fears and doubts. Now you’re able to anticipate potential stumbling blocks and begin to get ahead of the curve, even before your first meaningful conversation!

One of your greatest resources for prospecting content will be your own email OUTBOX! With these 1:1 email you’ve sent; you didn’t have to consciously manipulate the scenario or pretend. It became just natural. You really were writing a personal note to ONE specific person, often addressing common concerns/questions; PURE GOLD.

Regardless of your specific needs, chances are you already wrote similar content SOMEWHERE else. It also might be in a social post or blog article. Just look back at your previous content to see if you can extract and repurpose this content that you already wrote, and reuse it to help create your prospect email.

Don’t JUST Dream, Do!



1) SMS Text Content

Key SMS Notes: ONLY If you are using the Android App, MobilCTI Ultimate Sales Dialer:

1) You MUST (maybe) keep the total characters of your sms text msgs to 159 characters (one less than 160, because Android app adds a character return at the end), INCLUDING # OF CHARACTERS MERGING IN THE FIRST NAME!

1.1) PLEASE test the SMS text character length you can send from the app on YOUR Android phone. Some clients have been able to send up to 180 characters per SMS text msg! If there’s a problem either the SMS msg will just NOT send after you select the Template and click OK (you won’t see the small phone notification, “Msg Sent”) OR your test SMS message will revert to the default msg “Hello @firstName, Please update SMS template under settings…” when you receive it. PLEASE TEST on your phone. (This is rarely an issue in the iPhone app.

1.2) Unlike email messages, you’re NOT able to edit SMS msgs on-the-fly, before sending! TEST this, but for many users if you edit the SMS text msg within the app, before sending, it will still send the EXACT template as you have it!

2) If you need more than 3 SMS Text and 3 Email Templates OR not worry about the 160 character limit of the Ultimate Sales Dialer SMS Templates for your Android, Click here for more SMS msg template options!



#1 SMS Text Msg:

1 SMS Text Msgs here!

#2 SMS Text Msg:

2 SMS Text Msgs here!

#3 SMS Text Msg:

Dear [Prospect], [You] here. Just left you a voicemail re: your request @ our site about an add'l income stream online. Go see the email I just sent you!

4 SMS Text Msgs here!

5 SMS Text Msgs here!

Other honorable mentions

Other honorable mentions here



2) Email Subject Lines

Almost always use the prospect’s first name (merge code) in the subject line, somewhere!

1) Email subject line is a VERY important part. Keep it simple and applicable, never misleading.

The 4 Words That Will Get Your Email Opened by SEAN PLATT

“You Are Not Alone”

“In two and a half years of sending all kinds of emails to all kinds of lists, the simple phrase “You Are Not Alone” is the most-opened subject line I’ve ever seen — by far.” SEAN PLATT

Hello [Prospect]! This is [You] following up on the sms text and voicemail I just left you.

Hi [Prospect], I just left you the voicemail and sms text msg!

[Prospect], I just left you the voicemail and sms; no worries you're not alone!

[Prospect], you recently visited one of our sites and I'm reaching out to help you.

No worries, [Prospect], you are not alone

Sample 2nd to last msg subject:

Do you still need my help [Prospect]?

Sample last msg subject:

Like I mentioned, I never chase anyone; so this has to be my last call to you.

Sample last msg subject:

If I don't hear back from you, I wish you well with whatever you find!

Other honorable mentions

Other honorable mentions here



3) Email Body Content

Key Email Msg Notes:

1) Again, this is a guide. You still need to interject YOUR own style/personality into your email messages. BE CAREFUL with ANY content with “square brackets” [ ] because that content ALWAYS needs to be edited. i.e. [Prospect] and [Your City, State], etc.

2) Line length issue. See YOUR app link below for more details and WHY, all things considered, you SHOULD now send email messages with content lines no longer than 38-42 characters. Before over 1/2 of today’s email was being viewed on a mobile device, 55-65 characters was the widely-accepted max characters per line for email. Click here for WHY and more Android app details! OR Click here for WHY and more iPhone app details!

3) Email Sig line [Your Contact Details] etc. Share nothing where the prospect can figure out the company you’re promoting. Be careful about this because if they figure this out ‘up front’, they’ll think that without any allegiance to you yet, what do they need you for? Your prospect can think, ”I can form my own uneducated life decision here” lol

…And 99.9% of the time, they’ll either decide it’s not for them, without you or they’ll get wrapped up in ‘info overload’ web searches. Or worse, they’re interested but connect with another sponsor/organization, maybe with a flashier online presence.

4) FYI for boths apps, you will need a 3rd party email app, like Gmail, etc.



Hello [Prospect]!

This is [You], calling from
[Your City, State]!

A few days ago you visited one of our
websites looking for a way to earn some
extra income in your spare time with
your own home business. 

I'm just getting back to you to see how
I can help you and if you're a candidate
for our business.

My purpose is not to sell you anything;
that’s not what I do. My job is to find
out more about you...where you’re at now, 
where you’d like to get to, what you’d
like to accomplish, your goals, etc., 
so I know how to best help you navigate
[or: maneuver] through this process. 
I just want to insure that I’m in the
best position to be a valuable asset
[or: resource] for you.  

I’m more like a coach or mentor
[or: You can think of me as your own
personal resource or coach that will 
help you every step on your journey.]

Like I mentioned, this is simply a
courtesy call to see how I'm able to
help. Know I will do everything I can
to help you and insure you’ll get
everything you’ll need to succeed.

In the meantime, here's a couple of
valuable video resources you may enjoy.

Video title #1

Video title #2

All I need to start this easy process
is to connect with you on the phone and
ask you a few questions.

Let me know by replying to my email or
calling/texting me at [Your Phone].

Thanks so much for the opportunity to
serve you and I look forward to speaking
with you soon [Prospect]!

All the best,

[Your Contact Details]


Hi [Prospect]!

I'm reaching out from [Your City, State] 
and just left you a voicemail because you 
responded to our site that you were
looking for a way to bring in extra
income to your household. 

I’ve included, as we always do in email, 
an exciting resource and/or video that's 
hopefully beneficial to you. This video
demonstrates that you are considering
this (open to a home business and an
additional income stream) at the best
possible time! 

So be sure to check out the video
resource below, and let me know as soon
as you have just a little time for a few
questions; so I can be sure what we do
works for you! I will follow up in a day
or two.

Age Of The Entrepreneur - 
Adapt And Inherit The Future! (7 min.)

It’s important that we connect over [or touch base]
the next day or so, whether we move
forward and work together or not. I hope
you understand this [Prospect].

I really look forward to helping you 
anyway I can and as soon as we can
make a connection [Prospect]!

Yours in service,

[Your Contact Details]


Email Msg Body HERE


Email Msg Body HERE

Other honorable mentions

Other honorable mentions here




4) Voicemail Scripts – never sell

Voicemail Scripts here

Other honorable mentions

Other honorable mentions here




If you have ANY questions at all or would like to reach us for any reason, just let me know here. It’s the fastest way, next to calling us at 888-793-2882.

I look forward for the opportunity to connect with you and see how I can be of service to you!


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