Prospecting Automation For iPhone and iOS

Ok great! You’re ready to spend half your time prospecting and getting the same done or twice done in the same amount of time! Either way, I promise you’ll be WAY more efficient and effective, CONSISTENTLY, than you are now and recruit many more partners!

You’ll See How To Use This Simple iPhone/iOS App To Automate Exactly What Our Clients Are Already Doing, Who Are Recruiting ONE New Partner EVERY WEEK Into Their Businesses, From Our Prospect Leads.


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Imagine this. You load your leads any time before you leave the house and wherever you’re at, whenever you want, all you need is your phone to be able to make a few calls, send your SMS text and email messages; while waiting for an appointment, waiting for your significant other, over lunchtime, or any downtime you have. Now it’s as easy as opening your app and start clicking.

Our clients also gain access to the complete summary review of this entire new prospecting process! (Much of which is not even included in our main training yet!) You’ll learn EVERYTHING that has sent client results off the charts over the last few months! The initial focus is how clients are actually more than doubling their meaningful connection rate with ALL their prospects (not just our leads) simply communicating, consistently with PROVEN SMS text and email messages, through additional channels where prospects are more likely LISTENING.

ACCESS to ALL the nitty-gritty, so you’re able to follow in the footsteps of our best clients is available! A new NO-bull plan of tactical strategies to be more efficient, effective and recruit more partners! We’ll also make available our TESTED and PROVEN email and SMS content to use in the app, but only to our current clients. 🙂

If you have ANY questions about this material or would like to reach us for any reason, just let me know here. It’s the fastest way, next to calling us at 888-793-2882.


Here Are Details On The iPhone/iOS App We’re Recommending To Start Your “4×3 Channel Communication Matrix.” In As Easy as a Few Touch-clicks; Begin a Consistent Barrage Of Multi-Channel Communications, Impossible To Ignore… Get Your Prospects Attention and Start Recruiting Like a PRO!

Just Think How Many Calls (From Anywhere, Any time) And How Much You Can Accomplish In Such A Short Time With “Click 2 call”, “Click 2 email”, “Click 2 text”, So You Can Quickly Get On To Other Things!


The iPhone app we recommend is by Zaal LLC

We chose this app for several different reasons after analyzing over 70 iOS apps total, looking for the features needed with a ONE-TIME payment option. It was very important for the developer(s) to be dedicated to ongoing development and be responsive via support. This single issue eliminated several viable options.

A quick summary of why we chose this app, beyond that their developers were incredibly responsive and great to work with as they immediately saw the massive user benefit of adding touch-click to send auto-personalized email AND SMS text messages from saved templates while calling contacts within a group…

…was that the app was already a world-renowned market leading contact management CRM app, long before we reached out to their team with our recommendations!


Their app is also featured in many publications and media including:

ny times logo imore logo macworld logo


It was also important that our clients NOT have to commit to a recurring cost like many, some as high as $25-$50 EVERY MONTH!


Now we’re not going to put Phoneburner out of business any time soon, but this important to consider whether you use it or not. Phoneburner is still charging $70 to $150 PER MONTH! Wow. And both apps we’re recommending offer amazingly similar features…

Here’s the BOTTOM-LINE, if you’re a Phoneburner user:

You’d trade the ability to leave a pre-recorded *NON-personal voicemail, being tied 100% to your computer, oh yes, and $70-$150/month.

In Exchange For…

Single-click auto-personalized SMS text simply selecting a template (both do email), now prospect ANYWHERE only needing your phone AND spend $10, ONCE!

*Our tests show spending a few extra seconds to leave a PERSONAL voicemail beginning with the prospect’s NAME, adds 12-14% to the *overall increase* in meaningful prospect connections within our entire process.

Clients also love the ability to finally BREAK their dependency on their corded phones, desks and computer, phone prospecting, and for good! But, honestly, without the auto-personalized SMS text (The best channel to get attention, by far!) the entire model breaks down!


Therefore we focused only on app solutions that had a small ONE-TIME fee.


“10 Best iPhone apps for Business Networkers” Forbes


Your Business and Professional Relationship Manager and Builder for Prospects, More Customers and More Sales!

Turn your iPhone into a Mobile Call Center with the functionality of both a FULL Contact Manager and CRM (Contact Relationship Manager), yet 1000% easier to learn and use!

It’s called Contacts Journal CRM and this app is a powerful tool, for your iPhone or iPad, that will transform how you communicate and manage your prospect and business relationships. It allows you to save notes for your contacts and important meetings, set follow-up calls, add to-dos, create custom fields, attach important documents to your contacts, and much more. It’s available for the iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Carry all your relationship history with you, wherever you go! There are several sync options or keep all your business contacts separate from your main (default) contacts app.

Maximize productive time working quality leads and less time with dialing errors and manually sending email and SMS messages. This app makes it “touch-click simple” to dial outbound calls with your mobile phone within any (daily) group, send SMS text and email to contacts with a touch-click of a template, automatically adding your contact’s name, email, phone# or any contact field to your messages.

You’ll quickly see an increased meaningful connection rate with all your contacts and prospects (not just our leads), while decreasing your average handling time in half.

Perfect for on the go professionals like Network Marketers, Sales Agents, Recruiters, Fund Raisers and many more. Spend less time dialing and communicating through multiple channels, assuming that you already were using these other crucial channels, and more time consistently connecting with prospects!


Here are a few more accolades:


“Best app for Tracking Conversations” O’Reilly’s iPhone apps Top Pick


5 Useful iPhone apps for Business Networking”


Featured by apple in “Start Your Business”


“Business Cards Give Way to Cellphone apps for Networking” NY Times


“There are ways to hack this functionality with Evernote (but it’s complicated) or by using high-end CRM apps like (if you work for a company large enough to afford it), but for contact management functionality, Contacts Journal CRM – Professional and Personal CRM for iPhone and iPad is a solid solution. Contacts Journal makes it easy to create an excellent relationship tracking process that will surely keep you from forgetting to contact that key client.” Tab Times



“With so many contacts flooding into the small and home business address books, the details of how they met, what they talked about or why someone may be a good contact in the future can fade. Contacts Journal CRM help users keep track of interactions.” NY Times


Exactly what I’ve been looking for!
By Tc4012011 – Aug 3, 2015 – I’ve never left a review for an app but this one deserves it. I have probably downloaded 10 contact/CRM apps and they have all either been over complicated and/or didn’t streamline my prospecting process but this one is exactly I’ve been looking for. I tell all of my colleagues about it. I love how it automatically updates files and logs.


Fantastic CRM app for Sales
By Mikegezz – March 4, 2015- I don’t usually take the time to do reviews. But this is a great must have app for any sales person. It has really kept me organized and allows me to make quick notes on the go. I before would write down notes and books and on pieces of paper and always lose information and business cards. Nothing better than walking into an account and having access to all your client information at your fingertips. I like to make personal notes on people and they think I have a great memory.


Great for sales!
By Rodenberg – Nov 6, 2015 – This app is really terrific. It has lots of ways to track the progress of the sales cycle, to be reminded of different events, to plan, and to search local areas and then see the pens on the map so that you can plan which account to go to first. Very well thought out and I look forward to the future enhancements which come out regularly. I think the product is really first class and definitely does the job. I recommend it highly.


Must have for outside sales!
By Wilson’s Lawn Care – Jun 23, 2015 – I love this app. for my small business. It easy to use and the most efficient app. of its kind .. I have tried a couple, none of them had the combination of a detailed agenda with a map for my customers… Recommended Highly by Us!!



Transform your business and professional relationships

The iPhone, iPad and Mac app that lets you keep records of past conversations, set follow ups for upcoming meetings, link important documents to your contacts, plot your contacts on a map, and extend your contacts information with customizable fields.


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• setup templates (with merge tags) to instantly send auto-personalized sms and emails
• manage your prospect leads and sales pipeline
• keep track of your relationships with all your prospects, customers, and team members
• add value to your entire professional network
• get the MOST from all your networking opportunities
• be prepared for your next meeting, every time
• store important contact data using customizable User Fields
• track interactions with all your prospects, customers, and team members
• effectively manage tasks, follow ups, and appointments
• carry a virtual folder about all your contacts
• keep a call log
• see a map of all your contacts, with color-coding options

• find contacts by name, groups, company, address, or custom data
• [NEW] collaborate on your CRM with colleagues with Contacts Journal For Teams!



• sales teams
• small business owners
• contractors
• portfolio managers
• personal productivity hackers
• professional like lawyers, real-estate agents, teachers, nurses etc.

If you are someone who interacts with many people, professionally or personally, Contacts Journal CRM will keep you on top of things. Don’t keep it all in your head, or locked up in a spreadsheet or legacy system – use Contacts Journal CRM to track your interactions with the people who matter.



• Import contacts directly from the Contacts app
• Create Private Contacts & Groups to keep information separate from your other contacts
• Attach Documents to Contacts; over WiFi, through DropBox, or using “Open In”
• Define and create your custom fields, and attach custom data for each contact
Create email templates with auto-personalization tags, to send prepared sms and emails, instantly, but with a personal touch
• Add alerts in Notification Center for important follow-ups
• Add appointments straight to the Calendar app
• Call, SMS or email your contacts directly from the app
• See all your contacts and notes on a single Map view

• Export your data for reporting by email, CSV, AirPrint or even to your Contact notes field
• No recurring billing, no hosted service. Works offline!
• Featuring automatic, seamless syncing with iCloud across iPhone, iPad and Mac!
• Use DropBox to easily transfer data between iPhone, iPad and Mac
• Search for data from Spotlight search page

Please note: The developer clearly state in their material as well as directly to myself that they cannot access the contents of your messages, or access ANY information about incoming calls or emails, etc.


The Bottom Line

Contacts Journal CRM is a great way to manage important information about contacts, make notes about meetings and assign documents to them. I’ll admit to approaching this app with a “when will I actually use this” attitude, but my thoughts changed as I started exploring the app. Personally, I will probably use Contacts Journal CRM to manage photography clients and attach contracts and receipts to each client as well as make notes about the photo sessions and client requests.

A quick summary of what we were looking for was having a way to import and store contacts (and as many contact fields as possible) separate from the main device Contacts app, then make it simple and fast to Click 2 call and Click 2 send auto-personalized EMAIL AND SMS TEXT messages from saved templates!

Be sure to contact me ASAP so we can start sending you the extra “import” file. It’s a .VCF file, otherwise known as a vCard. We had a utility program within our new fulfillment platform that converts your (source) prospect lead file to a *.VCF file; perfectly ready to import right into your new phone app without a single change, NO custom field mapping, nothing!

A mere 10-15 secs a day to get your prospects into the most cost effective CRM app on the planet!

Company Website For Additional Information:

Click here to skip straight to the setup walk-through, if you’ve already installed the app!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not SYNC your Personal/Primary address book! During the installation the App will ask if you want to merge-in your existing phone contacts. Although there are circumstances where this might be desirable; in most cases our clients really appreciate the unique ability to keep prospect and team contacts completely separate from their phone’s native contacts that might be mostly personal contacts. It’s up to you.

Keep track of your history



Build your relationship history by keeping notes about your meetings and communications. Easily access your history to prepare for your next meeting. Contacts Journal CRM will add Logs automatically when you call, email or message from within the app.

Schedule Callback appointments and Reminders

Easily and effectively manage tasks and appointments. Add alerts in Notification Center for important follow-ups and/or add appointments straight to your Calendar app!


Plan your future



Create a list of follow-ups for each contact. You can set alerts for specific times, add the meeting to your Calendar, setup recurring tasks, and more. Easily reference all your To-Dos across all your contacts to get the complete picture.

Keep track of your files

Files Tab


Attach files and documents with each contact, to keep all relevant information in one place. You can transfer files from Dropbox, Box, OneCloud, iCloud Drive, iOS Mail app, over WiFi, and more. You can also drag-and-drop emails from the Mail app.


All your devices in sync


Features automatic, seamless syncing with iOS and Mac apps with iCloud and Dropbox across iPhone, iPad and Mac. Works when offline as well. Import contacts directly from the Contacts app and keep data in sync between the two, or keep contacts private and completely separate from your device Contacts app.


Save notes about important contacts, conversations and meetings

Full log information about your contacts, add to-dos associated with them, save notes of important meetings, set follow-up calls, create custom fields, and even attach important documents to each of your contacts.


Keep track by location with Maps

See a map with all your contacts’ addresses, sorted by distance to your current location. Great for finding nearby contacts, as well as route-planning. You can also choose from different pin colors to color-code your contacts.


User Fields

Create your own contact Fields and attach custom data to each contact


Group Management

Create, manage and filter your data by contact groups



Export reporting data from the app over email or CSV files


Support for Spotlight

Search for your data from the iOS Spotlight page


apple Watch Support

Access recent Logs, upcoming To-Dos, and nearby contacts, right from the apple Watch app


I rely on this app to track my contact communication

From User: GHR-2000 – Managing projects and accountability with the ability to track communications with this app I find to be essential. It is a very well-designed app.
app now works for sending email and text messages! I use it regularly to track and sometimes schedule communications (which is well implemented). Now finding that adding documents to contacts is becoming very helpful as well.
Reporting logs is hugely valuable for accountability. >Now a reality with the recent updates. Wonderful!


Get this incredible app, we recommend, RIGHT NOW!


Contacts Journal CRM (Free – with strict limits.)

Contacts Journal CRM FULL (Unlimited Pers Plan Now $19.99, Once.)


Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


Contacts Journal CRM does have a free version that works on both iPhone and iPad, but it’s restricted to limits like 20 Logs, 20 ToDos, 20 Files, 20 User Fields, etc.) so we recommend you unlock the Unlimited Personal Plan from within the app. The iPad-only version, and the Lite version, have been discontinued.

To Download the app, just visit iTunes using the iTunes app on your phone and search for “Contact Journal CRM”, pay the ONE-TIME fee and install! You’re all set now. See our complete setup walk-through a little further down this page.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not SYNC your Personal/Primary address book! During the installation the App will ask if you want to merge-in your existing phone contacts. Although there are circumstances where this might be desirable; in most cases our clients really appreciate the unique ability to keep prospect and team contacts completely separate from their phone’s native contacts that might be mostly personal contacts. It’s up to you.


For any questions or feedback about Contacts Journal, please email here or ask us here!


“Having my business contacts and prospects separate from the rest of my phone is very convenient and relaxing.” Kforter


Here’s a short list of what this incredible app brings to the table:

• Transform your business & professional relationships
• Full contact management: create, manage and filter contacts groups and much more
• Keep business contacts “Private” separate from your device contacts and personal address book
• Touch-click to call, to email and to sms right from templates with auto-personalization
• Keep track of your history
• Plan your future
• Keep track of your files
• All your devices in sync


Be sure to contact me ASAP so we can start sending you the additional “import” file. In your case it’s a .vcf otherwise known as a vCard file. We had a utility program written that takes your main (source) prospect lead file and creates a *.vcf file that’s perfectly ready to import right into your new app without any field mapping or changes at all! It’ll take about 10 secs a day.


The Quick Start Guide!


IMPORTANT: The developers nicely asked a favor of our users in return for this custom integration and feature additions. From the Developer: “One thing that would be helpful for us: can you encourage users to leave a review in the app Store page after they have downloaded and used the app for a little bit, and reference your name or site in any way? That would be a great way for us to judge how many people came to purchase the app(s) through your channel, to help us prioritize things in the future.

As you can see this directly affects our ability to continue to ask for upgrades and features additions in the future! So, if you can provide a review here asap, since the key new features have been added and reference that it works great with Online Automation and Responsive Leads?! You can also mention how important a subject line field is for the email templates! (I’ll tell you more in a moment.)


HowTo: Getting started with Contacts Journal (including importing .cvf files)


Here’s a great quick visual tour you can take to get a good overview!

Before you begin it’s always a good idea to insure you have a backup of all your contacts. If you’re syncing with one or more services, you don’t need to worry. If you don’t have any syncs or current backups you should do that first. Here’s an article on how to quickly sync your iPhone with one of several cloud services.

More details here about: Contact Journal Data Backup and Restore →

There is an “Automatic Backup” feature in the app that creates backup regularly in the background. You can also create new backups manually from the More -> Manage Data -> Backups page and even transfer the backups to your computer over WiFi for safekeeping.

Be Careful enabling an iCould backup!

If you enable the iCloud sync setting the first time, you have the option to save your data from that device up to iCloud. If it’s the 2nd time enabling iCloud (whether from this device or another device), it will download the data from iCloud to that device (overwriting local database). Users are given instructions about this here Sync with iCloud, but you always get some users who don’t read the instructions carefully. That’s why they have some recovery options built-in as well.


Now with your iTunes app, search for “Contact Journal CRM” pay just $19.99 ONE-TIME and install. Comparable apps cost $20 to over $50 EVERY MONTH! (The FULL version app was $10 before their price increase; STILL WORTH EVERY PENNY! 🙂


IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not SYNC your Personal/Primary address book! During the installation the App will ask if you want to merge-in your existing phone contacts. Although there are circumstances where this might be desirable; in most cases our clients really appreciate the unique ability to keep prospect and team contacts completely separate from their phone’s native contacts that might be mostly personal contacts. It’s up to you.

Putting Contacts Journal (CJ) CRM to work for your business!

Once installed, Contacts Journal CRM asks to integrate with your iOS contacts where you have the option to import some or all of them including selecting contact groups. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO THIS.

Contacts Journal CRM allows users to add to-do’s, attachments and custom fields for each contact. In addition to these options, each contact has a Log tab and an Information tab. The Log tab is a record of every interaction you have with a contact including calls, emails and texts. The Information tab is a copy of data imported from the iOS Contacts app. Given its similarity to apple’s own Contacts app, CJ is very easy to use and learn.

At any given time, Contacts Journal CRM allows you to do one of four things with your contacts; call, email, text or add a future to-do. Each of these items inserts an entry in the log tab for your contact and even a note for failed calls. One cool feature I noticed is that calling works from an iPad if you have Skype installed. This works great for me given that I use Skype on my iPad as my work phone while working from home.

The only issue I noticed with the integration is that calls fail if your contact is not setup with the prefix as required by Skype. Fortunately this is easily solved by updating the contact’s phone number with the preceding 1.

If you prefer or message your contacts, just touch-click the email or message templates, called Email Templates right now. When you select a template you’re able to edit the email or text first in Contacts Journal for logging purposes and then when ready, Contacts Journal CRM will launch your email or message app with all the content provided along with any auto-personalization! Again, this is a great way to log and store all interactions with your contacts.

Two of the best features of Contact Journal is the repeating to-do feature along with the direct calendar integration. If you want a reminder to check-in with a friend or key account on a regular basis Contacts Journal CRM allows you to create a task that is automatically added to your calendar.

When adding a to-do, you can choose to sync it with the built-in Calendar app and also to receive a reminder notification. You can also choose specific locations for your logs and to-do’s. Just select the contact, hit the To-Do tab and then click + on the top right-side of the screen. The app gives you an option to add a single to-do or to create repeating to-do’s according to your selected frequency. If you have selected to add the to-do to the calendar, Contacts Journal will pop up a reminder when it is time to make the call.

Contacts Journal CRM provides a great way to log integrations and information about contacts and accounts. Contacts Journal CRM does have the ability to export notes and to-dos, but the app limits the export to the Notes section within Contacts, as an email or finally as an CSV export file.

The contact screen shows the photo you have stored for that person as well as buttons to call, message, or email that contact from directly within the app. You will also find buttons that cycle between logs, to-do’s, and documents that you have associated with that individual. To add an entry or document, simply tap the plus sign.

The easiest way to add a document to a contact is to browse to the document from somewhere else on your iPad, like email or Dropbox, and “Open In” Contacts Journal. You will immediately be prompted to select a contact to attach the document to. The other option is to directly send a document from your computer to the app by connecting both devices to the same Wi-Fi network and typing a special URL into your browser.

The Logs and To-do tabs are simply filled their respective lists. The Maps tab show a map filled with green, red, and purple pins. The green ones represent the addresses that you have stored for your contacts. The red pins indicated places that have to-dos, and purple pins are places associated with a log.

Adding contacts to Contacts Journal CRM is very easy. You just tap the plus sign and either manually add a contact, or select some or all of all the people stored in the built-in Contacts app. When you add contacts that were already stored on your iPhone or iPad, Contacts Journal and Contacts will stay in sync.

Contacts Journal CRM let’s you backup and sync your data with Dropbox. Unfortunately, Dropbox sync is not automatic and you must manually force Contacts Journal CRM to send or receive data from Dropbox.

The good news is that Contacts Journal does add a badge to the more tab of the app with the number of changes that I have not been synced with Dropbox. This works as a great reminder — especially for people like me who must make sure all badges get cleared.

See links to all the details about the different sync options in the Knowledge Base below the full walk-through.


Ok let’s start with importing our prospect lead files!


Contact me now so we can start sending you the proper additional prospect file!

We’ll start sending an additional file (a .vcf or otherwise known as a vCard file) and it’s perfectly ready to import right into your CJournal App without ANY mapping or changes at all!


Step 1) You only need to get the file saved on your iPhone/iPad.

Plan A) The easiest way is emailing the file to your phone (if you’re not already), then simply press-and-hold on the email attachment (without Force-Touch) it will pop up menu options, and you can select Open in CJournal.vcf file or vCard file and follow the directions. OR from the main CJournal Contacts list page, press the + button and select “Import via vCard” and follow the instructions there.

If you have ANY trouble downloading our files to your actual iPhone, visit the link below for a clear and concise tutorial! How to save email attachments to iPhone and iPad

How to save email attachments to iCloud on iPhone and iPad
◆ Launch Mail from your Home screen.
◆ Tap the email that contains the attachment.
◆ Hard press on the attachment to bring up the Share sheet.
◆ Tap the share sheet button on the bottom left of the page.
◆ Tap on Save to Files.

Where downloaded files are saved in iPhone 5S?
Nowhere. You cannot find downloaded files on an iPhone 5S or any iPhone for that matter. The closest thing to a Downloads Folder is iBooks (an application that allows you to save, view and share PDFs and documents. Hit the share button on a page with a PDF on and tap ‘Save to iBooks’ Or ‘Open in iBooks’.

On a side note, another resource, Documents by Readdle is a great FREE app to work with all kinds of documents! ◆IMPORT and SAVE FILES◆ ◆MANAGE FILES◆ ◆INTEGRATE ALL CLOUD SERVICES◆ ◆LISTEN, WATCH & READ FILES◆ “A surprising versatile app for consumers and businesses alike.”USA Today


Plan B) You can also get the file connecting to your computer via WiFi and a browser, shown below, and file share. This does come in handy at times just normally not for a daily file that you can simply email to your phone. If you experience similar issues as the right image, be sure to redo the process in CJournal to bring up this screen and try the url in a browser again. This process has a very short timeout.





Step 2) Follow import directions carefully that only takes seconds a day.

2a) Pay close attention to the benefits below of adding our prospect leads as Private Contacts!

If you want to keep your Contacts Journal CRM contacts and data separate from your device Contacts app, you can create “Private Contacts”. Private Contacts are saved only inside Contacts Journal, and not synced with your Contacts app. Note that you can only add “Private Contacts” to a Private Group. Also, on iOS, you still need to give permission to access your Contacts data, even though we don’t save “Private Contacts” into the Contacts app.

NOW from the main Contacts list page in CJournal, press the “+” button and select “Import vCard” and follow the instructions there.

When importing from vCard (.vcf) file, you now see an option to “Add Private Contacts (new group)” for imported contacts! (See image to the left.)

More details here: Import Contacts →


HowTo: Getting started with Contacts Journal (including importing .cvf files)




2b) We set this up so that our Filename WILL create a new group with the same name before they get imported into it, so everybody stays organized.

The filename format works this way:
“[#LeadsRequired][Actual#Sent][Initials][Day][Month][Date]-[6#s].vcf” (i.e. 13-14-MW-ThuOct05-120116.vcf)

You can edit the name before importing if needed, but we chose this formula to help easily organize your prospects. If you have trouble with a global chronological order you could add a number at the beginning of each Group and increase it by 1 each day. (i.e. 13-MW-ThuOct05-120116.vcf could be changed to 1-13-MW-ThuOct05-120116.vcf and the next day 2-13-MW-ThuOct05-120116.vcf)


Edit Group Name

Since the iPhone app, unlike the Android app, doesn’t track your prospect call attempts, for you, I recommend that you add a 1, 2, 3 or 4 to the END of each Group name corresponding to how many attempts you’ve made to contacts in a group.

Here’s how…

From the “Group” screen, click EDIT and you can edit any “Group” name. Simply changing the LAST digit to 2, 3 or 4 after calling through any given “Group” will make it very easy to track your attempts to each prospect.

Then you’ll now know at a glance, when a “Group” is done, rather than always going into a group then a contact record to see. Even then, it’s possible that the contact you view has 4 attempts, but others in the “Group” have only had three attempts!

We recommend 4 vs. 3 attempts, minimum, now 🙂

More details here about: Contact Groups →


2c) We’ve also included most of your lead data for importing!

We include all the main fields that will show up in each contact record. FirstName, LastName, Physical Address, Email & Cell phone. (Not always a cell# – when it’s not, just make a note in the contact record not to send further SMS text until you acquire their mobile number.)

Plus we add other contact data in the following fields:

ORG: Gender, Best Time To Call
TITLE: Opt-in DATE (i.e. Sun Dec 10 23:45:16 EST 2016)
NOTE: All 4 answers to form questions!

More details here about: User Fields →



Step 3) Setup Your Email and SMS Templates!



Users can now create email templates, with auto-personalization options, to send prepared emails or messages to your contacts! As you can see from the image above, the templates are ALL under Email Templates from “Manage Data.”

I can’t stress enough how crucial it is you’re sending proper templated content SMS text and leaving the best possible voicemail, pushing prospects to the ALL-IMPORTANT proper templated email and not missing ANY key points you must address; offering empathy, value and your clear willingness (and ability) to help, etc. We have everything you need, no worries.

If I have NOT sent you a link to All the TESTED & PROVEN email and SMS content and voicemail scripts you’ll need, PLEASE let me know! Everything is available for all active customers.

1) Create new Templates from More -> Manage Data -> ‘Email’ Templates page. You can use the templates for “Click2Send” SMS messages and email messages! For email just fill in your email message body and subject line, separately, and that’s it!

2) While creating the template, you can press the Tags button to see auto-personalization options. The auto-personalization codes will auto-populate from within the template simply selecting the field you want to merge. (i.e. first name, email, phone, etc.) You can auto-personalize SMS messages, email message bodies and most important all your email subject lines!

You can also invoke the templates when writing ANY email from CJournal, to save and use later!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Why and how to properly use line-breaks (carriage returns) in your email!

Here’s the deal. We KNOW how important it is to send these type of initial email msgs as TEXT format only. This creates one problem. No HTML means that there’s no way to control the WIDTH of your message lines, other than a hard carriage return.
We also KNOW it’s NEVER a good idea to let your message lines to wrap the FULL width of your recipient’s email viewer! For decades we’ve found the 60 character limit works best in desktop and webmail clients. This is because there’s really no limit to how long (wide) your lines of text can run in most view windows or preview panes. And traversing from the end of one long line to the beginning of another is often too much visual work for reading or effective scanning, so lines over 60 characters eventually become unreadable!
Enter the problem. MOBILE DEVICES. Today, with around HALF your email being viewed on a MOBILE device, not to mention email open rates on MOBILE devices growing past desktop devices, WE’RE FORCED TO MAKE A CHANGE IN OUR RECOMMENDATIONS AND OUR OWN USAGE NOW! Here’s the dilemma. Our 60 character limit works perfect on desktop and webmail clients, but awkward and jumbled on MOBILE devices, often with screen width limitations of about 40 characters!
SOLUTION: Rather than eliminating hard carriage returns, that would look great on MOBILE devices and nearly UNREADABLE long text lines on all other platforms, we recommend reducing your line width (using hard carriage returns) to 40-42 characters from 60! This way your text format will look perfect on MOBILE devices and still work fine for all other devices! We’ve fully tested this on many different MOBILE devices. Our MOBILE open rates have greatly increased since and desktop email open rates have stayed consistent!


Ok You’re Now Ready to Roll!


When you want to make calls, click any “group” organized by your daily imports. You have some sort options here. Just open a prospect contact record, one after the other. Use the small top icons show on the image below. The 3 icons show on all contact tabs.

From any tab inside a contact record you can…

1) Click to call from the “Phone icon”

2) Click the “Messages icon” to bring up the SMS text templates and simply click the auto-personalized message that you want to text

3) Then Click the “Mail icon” to bring up the email templates and simply click the auto-personalized message that you want to email


That’s it! For further help, see F.A.Q. and Knowledge Base sections below or contact the developers here or ask us here!

How should I start using Contacts Journal CRM? →

Can I share my Contacts Journal CRM data with others? →




Who uses Contacts Journal CRM?

Contacts Journal CRM helps you manage relationships with your network of contacts. It’s particularly useful for:

  • customer relationship management for small businesses
  • tracking conversations with your clients
  • managing your sales pipeline
  • keeping a call log
  • business networking
  • professionals like lawyers, real-estate agents, teachers, nurses etc.
  • keeping a history of interactions with your friends and family

As long as you are someone who interacts with many people, professionally or personally, Contacts Journal CRM will help you manage your relationships, and keep you on top of things.

How should I start using Contacts Journal CRM?

Start by adding contacts from your Contacts app, or creating Private Contacts that are separate from your Address Book. You can use these contacts to add Logs and To-Dos as well as store Documents, to capture past interactions and set follow ups. You can also quickly call, SMS or email that contact from this page, as well as edit any information saved in the iPhone / iPad Contacts app.

Is there a Lite version of the app I can try?

You can use the Contacts Journal Lite app to try out the app for free, on both iPhone and iPad. You can only add up to 10 Logs, 10 To-Dos and 10 Documents in the Lite version. To transfer data from the Lite version to the Paid, you can use Save to DropBox from the Lite version, and Fetch from DropBox into the Paid version of the app.

What kind of documents can I attach to my contacts?

You can attach PDFs, doc files, presentations, spreadsheets, music files, pictures, movies etc. iOS might not support playback of some proprietary media formats.

How do I use DropBox to sync between the iPhone and iPad versions?

You can use “Save to DropBox” one device, and “Fetch from DropBox” on another device, to copy data between them. This is great for collaborating between different people, as long as you share your Dropbox account.(You can sign up for DropBox for free if you don’t have an account already).

What kind of data can I see on the Map View?

You can tag your Logs and To-Dos with location data. The Map view will show all your Logs and To-Dos on the map, as well as any contacts that have an address stored in them. This is a great way to visualize your previous interactions and follow-ups, or lookup your contacts around you.

How does Contacts Journal CRM remind me when a To-Do item is due?

With Contacts Journal CRM, you can set an alarm to remind you when you have an important event coming up, and an alert will be delivered to your home screen or in your Notification Center. You can also add the To-Do directly into your iPhone / iPad Calendar app to track your meeting from your calendar.

Can I export my data to other formats, for reporting?

You can export all the Logs, To-Dos and even your Contact information via email, CSV, AirPrint, or your contacts’ notes field. Go to More -> Export to generate a report.

Where can I read more details about the app?

You can download the Lite version and read more details in the FAQ within the app, which is very comprehensive.

Can I add password-protection to the app?

You can click on the More -> Pin Settings, and turn on Pin Protection. With this, access to the app, as well to any backups you create, will be protected with this PIN. Please remember the PIN, as there is no way to recover the PIN should it be lost.

How do you support contact groups?

You can create and edit your iPhone / iPad groups from within the app. You can also create Private Groups which are saved and visible only inside Contacts Journal. You can then use your contact groups to filter your list of contacts, and filter the list of Logs and To-Dos for that group.

For full F.A.Q. documentation visit:

For any questions or feedback about Contacts Journal, please email here or ask us here!



From the Knowledge Base for Contacts Journal CRM:

  1. Getting Started →

    1. Where can I download Contacts Journal CRM?
    2. What is Contacts Journal CRM?
    3. How should I start using Contacts Journal CRM?
    4. Is there a trial version available for the Mac app?
  3. Import Contacts →

    1. How do I add contacts from external accounts (e.g Outlook, MS Exchange, Google Contacts)?
    2. How do I import my contacts list from an Excel or CSV file?
    3. Do the contacts in Contacts Journal CRM stay in sync with the Contacts app?
    4. How do I enter contacts so that they are separate from my Contacts app?
  5. Contact Groups →

    1. How can I create a new group of contacts?
    2. How do I filter my contacts list by Group?
    3. Why are some contacts missing when I try to add them to a Public Group?
  7. Map and Location →

    1. How are pins on the Map page populated?
    2. Why do some of my contacts’ addresses not show up on the Map?
    3. How do I search for contacts in a particular zip code or city?
  9. Attaching Files →

    1. How can I attach Documents to my contacts?
    2. How do I rename a file in Contacts Journal CRM?
  11. User Fields →

    1. What are “Fields” and how should I use them?
    2. How do I create a new “Field”?
  13. Data Backup and Restore →

    1. How do I backup my data from the app?
    2. How do I restore my data from a Contacts Journal CRM backup?
  15. Sync with iCloud →

    1. How do I start syncing Contacts Journal CRM data using iCloud?
    2. How does iCloud sync work?
  17. Troubleshooting iCloud sync →

    1. What should I do if the Contacts Journal CRM app stops syncing with iCloud?
    2. How should I do an “iCloud Reset”?
    3. How should I do an “iCloud Recovery”
  19. Sync with Dropbox →

    1. How do I use Dropbox to sync between Contacts Journal CRM on iPhone, iPad and Mac?
    2. Can I share my Contacts Journal CRM data with others?
  21. What should I do if I lose data after the latest update? →



    Other Useful & Interesting iPhone/iOS apps

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    Calendarize Lite reinvents adding events to the Calendar of your iPhone or iPod Touch by making it fast, easy and fun. Try some powerful features of the full version for free. Use the “Get More” button to order the full version of Calendarize. You can also request new features, email us or rate the software. Be sure to check out the more than seven great NEW FEATURES that are exclusive to the full version!

    No need to stand around to add items to the Calendar because typing, scrolling and screens are minimized. It is as easy as 1-2-3.

    1) Touch a shortcut.
    2) Set the date with help from the innovative “Skip Ahead” feature.
    3) Allow the event in the Calendar preview.

    Up to 2 alerts are automatically added according to your settings.

    Calendarize Paid $2

    2) Moon Dialer for Call Center By Moon Technolabs Pvt Ltd

    If you’d like a counterpart to the Android Dialer app, try Moon Dialer, a unique call manager and dialer application which allows auto & manual dialing using built-In within app calling or Skype or FaceTime. You should still use Contacts Journal CRM for contact management and sending email/sms messages via predefined templates.

    Main Features of this unique Call Manager/Dialer app like Call Centers use:
    – Create and manage prospect lead campaigns for each day.
    – Set the number of dial attempts (3 or 4 times) and track automatically!
    – Instantly run past campaigns (days) to complete additional call attempts!
    – Create own/custom one-click shorthand (disposition list) that describes call outcomes and actions!
    (i.e. Set a busy call back reschedule.)
    – Filter prospects by dispositions codes, campaigns, scheduled, 7 days, etc!
    – Call schedule/reminder; app will remind you even when app’s not open!
    – Full details call history of each contact for all calls
    – Sorting by names, status, dispositions, contact fields, etc.
    – Auto dial next phone call once finished current call in Auto Mode or Manual Mode we recommend.
    – Easy and Auto columns mapping for CSV Import or via iTunes, DropBox, URL, WIFI!
    – Import/load leads or contact data from CSV file, device or iCloud Sync.
    – Other calling apps Supported : Default Phone, Skype, FaceTime, Zoiper and MagicJack.
    – iCloud Sync between multiple iOS devices.

    Moon Dialer for Call Center Support

    3) SlyDial (Free) By MobileSphere, Ltd

    This is a neat little app if you’d like to insure that your very first call ALWAYS goes straight to voicemail, so you have an opportunity to send at least one email and SMS text message. Note: If you use this app be sure to ONLY use it on the first call. After all, it is our PRIMARY goal to actually connect directly with every prospect.

    *slydial calls can be placed from a U.S. phone to U.S. mobile phones only.

    Slydial connects you directly to someone’s voicemail, allowing you to leave a message when you just don’t have time to talk. And now with its group messaging feature, you can send a voice mail to up to ten people at once! More heartfelt than a text, but less involved than a phone call, slydial strikes the perfect balance, allowing you to stay connected in a busy world. Slydial is also a clever tool to take the edge off life’s awkward moments. Use it to manage delicate situations and get your point across when a phone conversation isn’t ideal.

    After recording a slydial, choose up to 10 contacts from your address book to receive your message. After your campaign has completed, you can view your results by visiting the Reporting section of the app. This feature is only available for Premium pay per slydial subscribers.

    MobileSphere, Ltd Web Site and Slydial Support



    Snap a photo of the business card with iPhone camera and all the information (Name, Job Title, Company, Department, Tel…) is automatically recognized and go to iPhone Contacts.

    [Features and Functions]
    SamCard is a fantastic visiting card reader with high recognition accuracy and speed.

    Other features:
    Anti-shake photo shooting
    Display the corresponding image when editing business card
    Auto-detect text orientation
    Auto-rotate card images
    Shoot both vertically and horizontally.



    5) MeetingMogul – One Touch Free Conference Call app

    Join Any Conference Call with One-Touch


    If you have ANY questions at all or would like to reach us for any reason, just let me know here. It’s the fastest way, next to calling us at 888-793-2882.

    I look forward for the opportunity to connect with you and see how I can be of service to you!


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