The next industry paradigm shift:
A Simple Phone App Help Double, Even Triple Your Overall Prospect Connection & Recruiting Rates!

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This is an intro to our new recruiting process and automated prospecting app that we’re recommending! After months of beta testing within three great companies of Networkers, last year, we’re ready to roll this out company-wide!

And it’s so much bigger than, just learning how you can spend half your time prospecting and getting the same done or twice done in the same amount of time! The app can be used for ALL your prospects too. Bottom-line is that your prospecting efforts will be, at the bare minimum, twice as efficient and effective, CONSISTENTLY…

What if I told you that you could use a simple, under $25, phone app to automate exactly what our clients were already doing, to bring in over one new recruit EVERY WEEK into their businesses, from our prospect leads?

A Simple, Powerful Phone App To Double, Even Triple Your Meaningful Prospect Connection Rate & Ultimately Your Customer Acquisition and Recruiting Rate, Including Our Prospect Leads!



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It’s true.

Percentage-wise, we’ve not had clients see this much success (not only with prospect connection rates, but also conversions) since the early 2000’s and the advent of Network Marketing on the Net!

Below is a portion of our recent conversations with Sherell Slaise, one client from Chicago. “…I’ve received so many amazing responses from the prospects in response to your approach Mark! I’m enrolling at least one person EVERY week into my business! Thank you for all your training and coaching! Making a commitment to study your program and put it into ACTION has really improved my prospecting!”


Serious Disruptive Change In Your Income and Positive Life Changes

If you’re struggling to get one recruit a month, let alone one a week, this could potentially be the most important read, regarding cold market prospecting, you’ve had access to in a very long time.

One thing that changed, unfortunately a double-edged sword, is that since the turn of the decade our target market, middle-classes in the U.S. and other western countries, have grown massively over the last decade. If there ever was a time to turn lemons into lemonade, it’s RIGHT NOW.


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It All Began In 1998 With An Embolden Passion To Help Others Like You and Myself That Represented The Backbone Of The West


First, I want to be completely upfront about a couple things, especially if you’re new to Responsive Leads. One is the fact that all our coaching and training promotes approaching prospects MUCH different than just about everyone else on the planet. And among other things that you’ll pick up along your journey with us, is a way to set yourself apart from just about everyone else on the planet.

It all began in 1998 with an embolden passion to help others like myself (struggling to figure out how to use new technology to carve out a long-term, life-changing, duplicateble income) that represented the backbone of the U.S. and Western Countries around the globe, the Middle-Class. 

The key was learning how to effectively help others share duplicateable solutions and strategies that effectively empowered others to increase their earning potential without impacting their primary income source.

The true challenge is, and was always, how to QUICKLY breakdown barriers/skepticism and begin building rapport, trust and empathy; to cultivate meaningful connections that lead to long-term, mutually beneficial, relationships.

And it’s easier than you think, when done properly and consistently. I focused on where we could have the greatest long-term impact, and within a few years grew our customer base to well over 10,000 men and women, just like you.

My goal was simple, straightforward and resolute; help put as many people as possible into the best position to be successful and enable them to pass on this enlightenment, helping tens of thousands of others with the common goal of a better more fulfilling life for themselves and their loved ones.

Now, keep in mind, every recent change (adaptation) to our age-old proven process originates from direct testing, tracking, trial and error. For example, though it might be a little ironic, our most recent training module may just address one of your primary concerns that nowadays your Email simply gets thrown in the trash.

While this is true in many cases, especially when it’s the ONLY communication channel one uses and the recipient has no idea who is the sender. We’ll show you how to easily avoid this pitfall. We’ll also share the main reasons why Email is STILL SO important as the most flexible and cost-effective communication channel ever invented, and the most cost-effective and most used medium, ever, to deliver access to multimedia, etc.

And thanks to a couple amazing smartphone apps (iPhone & Android apps that you’ll learn about shortly) and a lot of trial and error from a few client groups, we’re in the EXACT position, as we were in early 2000’s, to again have an incredible viral impact on our entire industry. (More about this in a moment.)

It’s just a basic process and a phone app, but it fits our age-old narrative for prospecting, perfectly. It’s just that now, it’s never been easier or more cost-effective. Honestly, I can’t think of ONE logical reason why you wouldn’t spend a little of your time, right now, and open your mind to an uncommon, yet, recently proven process to recruit more team members, acquire more customers and build your business faster than about 99% of our market.

Ultimately, it’s simply an easier way than ever to increase your % of meaningful prospect connections (for ALL your prospects, including our prospect leads), moving MANY MORE towards the real possibility of change; and RARELY missing a chance with any viable prospect, potentially your next whale.

And once you have it down, and you’re able to teach this plan, there’s NO reason in the world why it can’t be YOUR time to achieve all your hopes and dreams. “Knowing WHAT to do is not even the major problem, it’s believing you CAN that is your fuel TO DO IT EVERY DAY until fulfilling your WHY, your dreams!”

Therefore, in order to be duplicateable (the foundation of long-term, life-changing income) the process MUST be push-button simple and fun.


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I’ll tell you something else. You will RARELY EVER hear me write specifically about leveraging hopes and dreams but, all things considered, this is the most important thing we’ve done since 1999; the last time we helped change an entire industry and how Networkers prospected! To put this in perspective, we don’t earn a penny from either app that we’re ‘wholeheartedly’ recommending here either.

So, why are we so passionate about this project? It’s simple. Like our staple Postmaster Software, back in the early 2000’s, we have another incredible and unique opportunity, for lightning to strike twice and again change the prospecting process in our industry, forever.

Do future profits or potential long-term riches, like last time, drive this motivation? Sure, to some degree, no argument there. But it’s so much more than just money. Because of the massively expanding middle-classes more families need our help, than in a very long time. They need someone they can trust to help and support them to generate more income with a reasonable and doable plan.

You know exactly what I mean if you’ve ever helped a family get off welfare or a family run their business as a full-time venture or both heads of household able to leave the workforce and stay home, uncommonly, caring for their three young children.

Maybe it’s just destiny or maybe it’s driven by my ego to cement a near two decade legacy as a change agent or fate shifter or whatever you want to call it. Or maybe it’s just me being the dreamer I am, believing in others and their ability to learn and change to be the best they can be and inevitably achieving whatever they desire most!

Not to mention a constant underlying passion to help others grow our industry in the face of so much fear, pain, and unrest. Of course this is also in my best interest to help the field become more passionate, more empathetic and effective at helping others; and just more effective at growing our industry, the right way. And do it without making people feel uncomfortable, alienated or negative about what we do, ultimately, helping expand its appeal.

The thing I’m most excited about though, and trust me I have not been this excited in well over a decade, is that these are skills that will help you in all phases of your business and life, so that you’re able to pass it on to prospects and team members that can live on for decades!


It’s Déjà Vu. We Were In The Same Position In 1999, On The Forefront Of Another Industry Paradigm Shift


If you happen to know a little about our history, you may be aware of the far-reaching viral impact we had offering database driven Email marketing, the mail-merge or auto-personalization of Email and how dramatically that changed how Network Marketers prospected in our industry, going all the way back to 1999.

At the time, this technology was mainly used by huge national and multi-national corporations. All but ONE platform even coming close to what we offered in Postmaster Software came with a price tag from several thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars! One reason why, at around $300 as a one-off, we sold thousands of licenses and rewarded millions of dollars in sales.

If we’ve worked together before you know all about my passion to help Networkers, firsthand, take gigantic leaps forward in their businesses.  And empower them to also “pay forward” their own insight and knowledge, along with what I coach in print and over the phone.

With this historical viral impact we were, fortunately, able to help more Networkers into senior and leadership positions within their companies than I could ever count. And I can’t begin to communicate what it feels like to be in a similar position again!

And now, in the next 1/2 hour or so, you can be at the very forefront of another industry paradigm shift, like our early clients, many of whom have long retired.

It’s a very similar situation as back then, except with one additional and very powerful channel. NEVER in history has it been, or will it be again, more COST-EFFECTIVE, convenient or easier to do the, exact, necessary steps NEEDED…

…to get MORE prospect’s attention, show good faith, demonstrate and share some VALUE, along with your intentions to begin breaking down barriers even before your first or second visit. Ultimately this means attracting and moving MANY MORE prospects towards the real possibility of change; just the type of prospects you need to move your business several levels ahead and pretty rapidly.

And what’s incredible is for under $25, we’re helping Networkers partially automate the VERY STEPS that we ALREADY KNOW more than doubles client’s meaningful prospect connections and puts about one new recruit EVERY WEEK into their business!


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…All at the tip of your fingers! Amazing. Also BREAK the “doing business” dependency on your computer, corded phone and a desk for good!

And, by the way, this applies to ANY prospects you happen to be reaching out to, not just our leads, and it means putting HALF of ALL your prospects, going forward, BACK ON THE TABLE!

And it’s equally important that anyone, from your very newest recruit to seasoned veteran, CAN DO THIS!

If you have ANY questions about this material or would like to connect with someone about these apps, just let me know here. It’s the fastest way, next to calling us at 888-793-2882.


A Commonly Used Industry Solution At $70-$150 A Month Or Our App Recommendation At UNDER $25, Out-of-pocket, ONCE!


Now, here’s just one example, if you’re familiar with Phoneburner, who have offered a great service to our industry for 15 years, you know they still charge $70 to $150 PER MONTH! …for VERY little difference. Wow.

Both apps we’re recommending offer amazingly similar features.

Since there’s been a lot of talk comparing Phoneburner with these app solutions; Here’s the BOTTOM-LINE:

You can now come VERY close to the Phoneburner features; the biggest difference is adding single-click auto-personalized SMS text simply selecting a template (both do Email), now prospect ANYWHERE only needing your phone AND spend UNDER $25, ONCE!

And just because they offer Email from their system, does NOT mean that they’re insuring that their clients are sending the RIGHT messages (crucial in its own right) but we’ve also found that without SMS text AND the recipient connecting all three channel communication to YOU, your Email will almost certainly be ignored and deleted anyway!

We spent a full 9 months testing and tracking content and combinations that guarantee, first and foremost, you maximize your percentage of meaningful prospect connections.

So, you’d basically trade the ability to leave a pre-recorded *NON-personal voicemail and being tied 100% to your computer, oh yes, and $70-$150/month for touch-click SMS text templates and UNDER $25, out-of-pocket, ONCE!

*Our tests show spending a few extra seconds to leave a PERSONAL voicemail beginning with the prospect’s NAME, adds 12-14% to the “overall increase” in meaningful prospect connections when using our entire process.

If you are in need of a full cloud marketing system that communicates through multiple-channels and offers full call center seat technology, CRM, and much more; check out Fusion Engage!

Clients also LOVE the ability to finally BREAK their dependency on their corded phones, desks and computer, while phone prospecting, for good! And they don’t even offer one of the most important pieces of the puzzle. And honestly, without the auto-personalized SMS text (The best channel to get attention, by far!) the entire model breaks down!

Needless to say, it was important NOT to have to commit to a monthly cost like many similar phone apps, some as high as $25-$50 EVERY MONTH! and instead focus only on app solutions that had a small ONE-TIME fee!


Start Your Own “4×3 Channel Communication Matrix” In As Easy As a Few Touch-clicks And Begin a Consistent Barrage Of Multi-Channel Communications, Impossible To Ignore…

Get Your Prospects Attention & Start Recruiting Like a PRO!


>The key is simply the ability to consistently reach out to where and when your prospects are listening, even on the move, with the right message, through the right channel; guaranteeing to build your prospect’s curiosity and desire to connect with YOU.

When you’re able to more than double your meaningful prospect connections, on average, across the board with ALL your prospects, not just with our leads, the entire math changes; and why we’re seeing clients recruit an average of 4 new team partners every month!


And now there are NO excuses! Even if you’re super busy. 🙂 After all, that was the idea!…

How could I virtually guarantee that even our busiest clients WOULD be willing to follow this proven plan? I knew that was going to be the key and, quite frankly, why you’re reading this right now.

Of course it doesn’t hurt to be exactly what you need to click 2 call, leave a voicemail, click 2 send an auto-personalized SMS text and an Email; all in under 60 seconds! You can now make a few calls, without skipping any steps, “on the go” from ANYWHERE, ANY TIME!

Take advantage of time away, unplug from the computer and still get done what you need, just much more efficiently and effectively within your ever-changing schedule! And now, all you need is your mobile phone and and this app!

Not only are we, FINALLY, releasing our TESTED (SMS text and Email) content, a VERY important part of the process, to be used in the app templates plus voicemail scripts,

…and I’ve also finally compiled a complete and thorough review (overview) of this entire, PROVEN, prospecting process, including all the recently added components we discovered that aren’t even in our main training yet! …everything we learned over the last 9 months testing & tracking changes to our 15 year process and we could NOT have done it without several of our invaluable client groups! (This part is only available to current customers.)


“Knowing WHAT To Do Is Not Even The Major Problem, It’s Believing You CAN That’s Your Fuel TO DO IT EVERY DAY!”


Now, people have been asking how they can use the automated prospecting apps for ALL their prospects, not only our prospect leads. See #1 below in our section, “You’ll Also Gain Answers & Insight Into These Important Questions and More!” 🙂

Don’t forget the fact that those clients who followed the plan and have been averaging ONE new recruit EVERY WEEK did all the steps MANUALLY! Not only do we owe them a debt of gratitude, but they also had to take time for make-shift processes, a lot of typing or found apps to help to copy and paste messages, not to mention, all the trial and error to discover what was best to say and what to send.

I know this may sound unbelievable, maybe even unachievable, but I can promise you that it is NOT. All you need to do is put forth the effort consistently and utilize our plan we put together with the help of our heroes . Heroes like Sherell Slaise…

“This is way beyond fresh, low cost prospects in my inbox daily, whom for the most part, are genuinely interested in starting a home business like me. I’ve received so many amazing responses from the prospects in response to your approach Mark! I’m enrolling at least one person every week into my business! Thank you for all your training and coaching! Making a commitment to study your program and put it into ACTION has really improved my prospecting and I absolutely know that this will have long-term impact on my business!” Sherell Slaise, Chicago Ill.

>I just happened to visit with Sherell, a little while ago, and she mentioned, “Mark, just imagine what I could have done if I had this app MONTHS ago and didn’t have to do this process manually every time!”

Of course, she thought about this for about 5 minutes, then quickly moved her focus to putting this app to work for her and her team!


Seriously, Think About This For A Moment… Are You Tapping Into Any Of The True Potential Of That Supercomputer You’re Carrying Around All Day Yet?


18 years of history and experience with my company Online Automation, Inc. and software automation played a major role here, thinking from the perspective of a developer as well as the client, as we searched for the perfect solution accessible to almost EVERYONE. But there’s absolutely no way we could have done this without the help of a dedicated and loyal client base going back nearly this entire year!

I’m only hoping that you’re hungry enough for the new business that you’re willing to try something new.

Once we were finally able to gather enough information and get a good handle on the cause and effect relationships of these extraordinary results, I was left with only one choice! I simply had to figure out any way possible to virtually guarantee ALL clients, now without excuse, would follow suit!

The idea was simple and quickly became apparent. All things considered, including all the content testing and tracking for all three communication channels brought us to a pretty straight forward conclusion. We just HAD to insure that the solution would be available to just about everyone and would virtually GUARANTEE that all the steps were followed to a T!

Empowered with the knowledge knowing, exactly, what clients now had to accomplish on a daily basis to achieve these results, the platform was easy, so I thought! We also knew that 15 years ago it would have HAD to be the PC/MAC. Today, that’s just not the case.

The answer quickly became obvious and lied with the mobile phone. I was certain that finding the exact solution we needed was going to be very EASY to find! I mean we weren’t reinventing the wheel or looking for a brand new technology! We expected a plethora of options from to choose.

Well that just wasn’t the case, especially considering we needed to find the perfect solution with all needed features and could be purchased with a small ONE-TIME payment. Searching and analyzing the smartphone app industry was much more challenging than expected and it took countless all-nighters!

Honestly, it JUST about came down to us having to develop our own app, which is still on the table. But this would have delayed our ultimate goal by months, potentially a good part of this year; something I was just not willing to do.

Most people don’t even realize that they carry around, in their pocket or purse, more computational power than the supercomputers of the 90’s like Cray-2 and Deep Blue and more power than ALL of NASA back in the early seventies after putting two astronauts on the moon.

So, with that in mind, are YOU efficiently using your smartphone yet ? 🙂

I’m not going to waste a lot of time here on the phenomenal power of SMS text messaging or why you should be using this channel in nearly every aspect of your business communication. I’m sticking mostly to application here.

I will quickly mention just a few. The stats don’t lie:

It sure doesn’t hurt that 95% of U.S. adults now own a cellphone (Pew Internet), 91% of the time it’s within 3 feet (Pew Internet) and the average person checks their phone 110 times/day!

There is just SO much untapped potential in today’s smartphone eco system.

● Somewhere between 22% and 30% of smartphone users almost never use their phone to make voice calls! (several sources) Ironically, 93% of smartphone owners ages 18-29 use voice or video calls. (Pew Internet)

● Texting is the most widely-used and frequently used app on a smartphone, with 97% of Americans using it at least once a day and 88% of Americans check Email from their smartphone. (Pew Internet)

● Text messages have a 98% open rate (Mobile Marketing Watch), 90% of all text messages are read in under 3 minutes (Connect Mogul) and have an average 45% response rate. (Velocify)

With statistics like this, how can you afford not to use SMS text for prospecting MORE?

“No other marketing tool can offer a similar rate, making SMS Marketing one of the most effective ways to get your message to your customer,” says Aine Doherty at Business2Community. He adds, “SMS Marketing alternatively is 99 percent legitimate, with only 1 percent spam text messaging (and) this communication tool is still highly regarding by mobile phone users.”

Michael Essany from says, “No one doubts that Email still works. Marketers around the globe are using it every day to promote brand messages and rack up sales.” He adds, “Both Email and SMS are critical components of the modern marketing mix.”

“The SMS text has been the real game changer. All the best tools and ability in the world mean nothing if you can’t actually connect with the prospect. Thanks Mark!” ~ Mario Price (Grand Prairie, TX)


“The Three-Legged Stool”


After all, the attractiveness of incorporating the SMS text channel, for Networkers and sales reps alike, goes WAY beyond even the amazing immediacy, when voicemail boxes are full or near full and Email doesn’t get opened (noticed) because there hasn’t been any “connection” yet, the solution just seemed obvious.

Often, the ONLY way to help the prospect make that “connection” of your voicemail to your Email is effectively using the loudest and clearest channel, SMS text. We found, in fact, that this GREATLY improves the chance your Email will be read! Again, Email is the ONLY channel that truly provides any real opportunity to gain sustained attention bringing to light the real value you bring to the table, through your word and deed.

Therefore, initially, the sole purpose of your voicemail and SMS text is to point them to your Email the only channel, short of sending snail-mail, with the flexibility to explain the purpose of your call and your intention to simply discover how you’re able to best be of service or value and help them.

Plain and simple, SMS text is a loud and powerful channel that more and more people are using today; and a great way to easily and instantly, at least, make initial connections with people. Again, keep in mind, even this doesn’t work without using the other two channels! Why more people aren’t using it more during the early prospecting process is beyond me. In all fairness, most haven’t learned what we have over the past 9 months with all our testing and tracking results.

We found all three channels are similar to a “three-legged stool” and removing any one of the three, breaks down the entire process! Obviously, when done properly, this greatly increases the chance that your Email is read, but also that they’ll connect all your channel communications together to YOU, influencing their desire to actually want to make a meaningful connection with you over the phone or in-person.

Many are not aware, but this initial window of opportunity to get someone’s attention (to REALLY consider how you can help them and what you have to offer) is VERY short! Even when it may SEEM that they’re still interested at times, their subconscious has already silently made the decision for them, so the prospect will constantly be battling their inner self (voice) as well, trying to reach a conscious decision to join you.

And if you don’t get their attention and legitimately spur their interest in the first few attempts, you can also go on their “invisibility” list altogether and most likely not seriously considered again.

Here’s why. I know that this isn’t a training module, but here’s a simple video explaining the purpose of our Reticular Activating System (RAS), our brain’s “invisibility” list.

Now you can see, not only how important it is to get your prospect’s attention and make that first meaningful connection, but how difficult it can be when not done properly and, just as important, why!

Now, with our Postmaster Software auto-follow up Email system; we’ve broken this rule somewhat, but it takes time for prospects to come around again. For purposes here, we assume you don’t have this luxury.

“Online Automation’s Postmaster is without question the easiest, most reliable, and effective system (PC) there is…PERIOD.” Frank Kern “The Guru To The Gurus”


techno-backgrounds3-2 We’ll soon have your initial prospecting process so automated, efficient and effective that the entire game for you will change!
More Connections = More Views = More Recruits = More Profits.


Almost all of our clients, following the plan, are now recruiting between two and six new recruits EVERY WEEK! One simple strategy, we didn’t even come up with, that clients are now using daily, insure that over 90% of all the people they invite to their initial short intro video, actually WATCH it! This is HUGE and alone completely changes your success numbers; and it’s just ONE of many tips and ideas that you’ll learn as our client.

You’ll see that there’s hard data and results behind this plan. And all you need to do is IMPLEMENT this simple plan and follow through! It all starts with a new initial connection, for sure with any new potential prospect. Simply put, your initial connection MUST be ALL about THEM, along with how you can be a resource or of service, how you can help THEM navigate through this, often, difficult journey. NOTHING specific about your business or opportunity. This is a MUST initially.

Don’t worry, this is WAY easier than you may think, ESPECIALLY for those team members with way less experience than you, once you know what to do and say instead. You’re doing them and yourself a favor and not just because you absolutely MUST find out initially, anyway, where they’re coming from, where they want to go and what they’re looking for…before you recommend any solution to their problems!

…A welcome change for the vast majority of prospects as well!

Remember we put this all together for our clients, often described as, the greatest long-term value in our program; our training, coaching calls and one-on-one consultations to insure that you understand how to easily implement our specific process and insure that it becomes a permanent part of your process.

This is often valued, by our clients, at way more than the monthly investment in our fresh responsive daily prospect leads! (Similar programs costing upwards of $2000 or more!) If you’re going to be a client or already are, do NOT waste this opportunity. Take FULL advantage of all our resources insuring the greatest impact to your business, over many years to come!

The true value in the Responsive Lead program, beyond that they’ve always offered excellent lead prospects at super low cost prices, lies in their new Prospecting Academy, an uncommon view of the early prospecting process and incredible passion to truly help others succeed. Pastor Kenny Smith, Longtime Client, Advocate and Industry Visionary

A driving factor to all this is our struggling with the fact that a certain portion of our prospects leads just rarely answer the phone. It’s bothered me the entire 16 years that we’ve provided prospect leads to the industry, despite all lead generators dealing with the same issue, even those prospects you generate on your own!

Still, this didn’t provide me any solace though.

Even though the testing numbers and results proved out, we’ve still had many prospect conversations recently, initiated via SMS text, who admitted outright that they would not have answered the phone, not recognizing the caller. And only because we sent an SMS text, Email and previously left a voicemail did they decide to make a connection and answer our call! And this happened time and again!

The test results along with tons of client feedback, brought about what we now call the “4×3 Channel Communication Matrix”. A thoughtful, purposeful, yet effective barrage of the right messages making it very difficult for ANY prospect NOT to pay attention. This simply gives you the best chance overall of breaking down “sales” barriers and ultimately attracting more prospects to you!

It’s a basic principal that every prospect you don’t reached right away with a live call must get, AT THE VERY LEAST… 4 voicemail, 4 Email and 4 SMS text messages to guarantee the maximum number of meaningful connections within a cost-effective time-frame range.

We used to recommend a min of (3-4) when our test client groups had to MANUALLY send all personalized Email and SMS text messages, EVERY TIME after leaving a voicemail. I don’t know about you, but it gets really OLD constantly copying and pasting on a cell phone, even if you only have to type the prospect’s name a few times additionally.

The phone apps we’re introducing make these CRUCIAL steps SO easy, as easy as a few touch-clicks, that it just made sense to go up to a minimum of 4 attempts!

“A goal without a timeline is just a dream.”
~Robert Herjavec, Shark Tank


So with The Stakes Now As High As I Can Ever Remember And The Pressure Mounting!…


Ok, if you had a chance to GUARANTEE that you would recruit more prospects and acquire more customers than you would otherwise, wouldn’t it be worth your time to learn the process and begin sending proven template Email and SMS text messages after EVERY voicemail, even if you had to manually copy and paste!?

Well evidently, not with everyone! Can you imagine!? We had SOME clients in our test groups that just wouldn’t follow through with the plan, even after WE KNEW IT WAS WORKING! Everyone left voicemail but some sent an Email OR SMS text, not both and not consistently!

We were finally able to surmise why. Impatience. For some folks, if they didn’t start getting responses right away they said that they figured it wasn’t working for them. Unfortunately, as with most things in life, it often takes some time to come to fruition. We did in fact, also, find out that in some cases the messaging was off. They weren’t communicating the right messages, which has since been remedied.

But for others, even after hearing that, today, prospect’s voicemail boxes are filling up and like Email, when sent by itself, and they don’t recognize you, don’t make any connection to you or hear a good reason to listen within a few seconds, they get deleted too! …some still, just could not change their habits.

I just didn’t understand, but…


Since ONLY when ALL THREE channels are used together properly and consistently, referring to each other, is there this chance for something special to surface, a unique synergy when the prospect begins to connect your communication through all three channels to YOU. And do NOT underestimate the power of Email in this equation. That would be a GIGANTIC mistake!

Because, until you’re able to visit with them live, you have exactly ONE channel to (really) share your intention, your ability and willingness to help them and begin to demonstrate some of the value you can bring them.


I know, I know what you’re thinking, believe me. I’ve been in the Email market since 1999 and understand as well as anyone how it’s changed; at least EFFECTIVE Email marketing. As you know may know, the vast majority of Email is filtered as spam, and that’s a GOOD thing. The chance of your Email getting filtered, how we recommend you write it, is NOT likely at all!

The thing is that Email is STILL the most cost-effective, yet flexible communication channel on the planet! To this day, nothing else comes close. You just have to understand how to use it properly and how to differentiate yourself.

But to be completely upfront, sending ONLY an email msg after leaving a voicemail breaks down the entire process, as you might expect.

Yes, we’ve know for two decades that email is the best delivery medium (next to 1-on-1) to begin to demonstrate your empathy, curiosity, sincerity, etc., getting a jump on creating and building trust, credibility, curiosity, and rapport; key foundations of any relationship.

So what’s the problem?

Simple, Email ALONE rarely garnishes the attention needed, all things considered, to get an OPEN when we need it. No fear. The solution is simply using SMS text and references to your Email from your voicemail; pushing prospects directly to your SUPER important Email!

And funny thing is that this is REALLY not that difficult! You don’t have to be a copy writer or any kind of copy specialist. You’re NEVER, ever, writing a sales letter or anything like that. Now, you DO need to know that just any “old” Email that you used to send, probably will NOT serve your purpose here. But, if you can write someone a personal note, you can do this.

Think about it. Are the Email spammers, heck even the legitimate Email marketers, CALLING their prospects? Nope. Are they sending SMS text? NOPE. So, you already have the upper-hand.

Is it starting to make sense? I hope so, because when done properly, you’ll be able to start building your credibility, reliability, your value (benefit to them) along with building some rapport, trust and empathy; the very foundations of building relationships, all after only your first or second visit!

From The Psychological Foundations of Trust by Jeffry A. Simpson, “Trust involves the juxtaposition of people’s loftiest hopes and aspirations with their deepest worries and fears. It may be the single most important ingredient for the development and maintenance of happy, well-functioning relationships.

We’ve seen (and heard) this firsthand; if you make these concepts and strategies part of your daily habits, not only will it change your results with your prospects right away, it will help make wholesale, positive, changes within ALL your business and personal relationships.

Simply put, we insure clients effectively use the two channels at their disposal that have the best chance of a touch, then push prospects to the channel that has the most flexibility and best chance to actually deliver some VALUE (including our resource links) while demonstrating your sincere willingness AND your ability to really help them and begin breaking down the sales, trust and time barriers, right out of the gate!

This will greatly increase your % of meaningful prospect connections and move MANY MORE prospects to the real possibility of change and also RARELY missing your chance with any viable prospects.

And finally, our TESTED & PROVEN Email and SMS content, a VERY important part of the process, is available to all active clients!

NOW with the stakes as high as I can ever remember, to come up with a way, ANY WAY, to virtually guarantee that every one of our clients gets on board with this strategy, the pressure continued to mount all on my shoulders. With the weight of the success of at least most of our clients, needless to say, I was VERY compelled to find the perfect solution; a simple phone app that would make this whole process as easy as just a few touch-clicks.

I promise that you can do this. The little bit of time to download and learn the app and process, in order to greatly increase your productivity and meaningful prospect connection rates, will be SO WORTH IT.

All you need to do is import our daily lead file (without ANY changes at all) or any contact files and, if you’re an active or recent client, I’ll send you the exact file format your app needs with the exact headers! It’s well worth it to me, to insure that there’s NO excuses and you’re, absolutely, maximizing your meaningful connections! (And if you’re a client, that you maximize your success with our prospect leads.)

“It quickly became obvious that the only solution was MOBILE. It’s time to think outside-the-box and past the PC.” Mark W., Founder

Just imagine being able to simply touch-click to dial a prospect, then after leaving a voicemail, touch-click to choose an auto-personalized Email and SMS text template and you’ve just sent a value-added Email and instantly notified them via SMS text message, all in under 60 seconds!


Just think how many calls (anywhere, any time) and how much you can accomplish in such a short time with “Click2call”, “Click2Email”, “Click2text”, so you can get on to other things!


It begins with a unique Call Manager/Dialer app similar to what Call Centers use and add-in personalized SMS text message templates!

Imagine this. You load your leads any time before you leave the house and wherever you’re at, whenever you want, all you need is your phone and you’ll be able to make a few calls, send your SMS text and Email messages; while waiting for an appointment, waiting for your significant other, over lunchtime or any downtime you have, even *while driving IF you’re the passenger. Now it’s as easy as opening your app and start clicking.

*PLEASE do NOT do this process while driving, even though technically you’re not texting. Many laws do now require complete hands-free and for GOOD REASON. It’s official, more people die on our highways today from distracted driving than drunk drivers. ALWAYS BE SAFE, anything less is irrational and completely unfair to loved ones.

Very importantly, it’s also super easy to go back previous days and make your 2nd, 3rd or 4th attempts to insure that you now keep up with all your prospect leads without fail!

The Android version is a dialer app; tracking all your attempts, callbacks, as well as other dispositions for future actions and more! It’s very cool. AND it also handles your one-touch SMS text and one-touch Email messages via templates!

We also recommend a similar iPhone app, except rather than being a dialer app it brings additional features as a full-fledged contact manager.

I recently bought this app – it is superb. It makes staying in touch with prospects and clients easier and faster for outbound calling. Contact records can be updated immediately for inbound calls. Best value of any dialer I’ve used – and I have used several on all platforms. John Smith

There really isn’t anything out there like this that offers a full CRM with a Dialer exclusively on the smartphone. Randy Saulk


You’ll Also Gain Answers & Insight Into
These Important Questions and More!


These questions that we base a good portion of our new training module are live questions from actual clients. (Adapted slightly at times)

1) “How can I better use my smartphone to greatly increase the number of real and meaningful prospect connections and therefore increase my total number of new recruits per month?”

We’ll show you how to potentially put about HALF of ALL your prospects BACK ON THE TABLE! Then logically, you’ll be able to increase your total number of recruits and customers per month, to an equal degree.

And this is JUST the beginning! Not only can this be applied to EVERY SINGLE POTENTIAL PROSPECT IN YOUR HOPPER AND IN THE FUTURE across the board, not just our leads , but this also assumes that you’re NOT going to get BETTER at turning these meaningful connections into a larger percentage of customers and recruits!

I can NOW say, without a shadow of a doubt, that if you DO follow our plan, even just initially in your recruiting process, your % of connections to customers and recruits WILL ALSO INCREASE!

IMAGINE where your business would be, CAN BE, if you JUST DOUBLE your meaningful connections and put TWICE the amount of customers and recruits into your business, without even calculating the compound affect or considering the affect within your organization of sharing this plan with your team!

2) “What exactly am I supposed to send to prospects through Email & text and say on voicemail Mark? And I’ve tried sending Email and SMS text in the past with very limited results.”

First, it’s imperative that you understand the synergy of consistently sending the right messages through all three channels.

This is where my 18 years of experience and our 9 months of testing and tracking will be invaluable! A full update on all our tested and proven Email, SMS text content and voicemail scripts are available to every active client!

I know it might be hard to visualize right now. Creating effective content that gets people’s attention is HARD and it’s even HARDER to get them to ACT. I know, I’ve been doing it for nearly 20 years, over a decade as a ghostwriter. Now in all fairness, I could NOT have done it without the help of our client base though.

3) “How do I get people engaged with me without alienating people, especially those whom I KNOW, but also those I don’t?”

This one will be much easier than you think, again it’s what you SAY and what you SEND. But don’t lose sight of your initial selfless intentions. Think compassion, curiosity, empathy, compliments, meaningful questions and a sincere desire to be helpful and of value to others and you can hardly ever go wrong.

4) “How do I get more people to watch my intro video? It seems like only 1 in 5 of ALL my prospects that I invite actually watch it!”

Not bad; the average across our client companies are closer to only 15%, only 1 in 7 invites actually viewing the intro video! Seriously, this is an obvious one. We have clients with prospects now watching the short intro video around 90% of the time, 9 out of 10! It’s not magic, promise, just logic and some logistics. This is one of the very first things we coach our clients.

5) “Why don’t my prospects answer their phone or call me back when I leave a voicemail? And not just your leads either!”

First, here are a few possible hints.

a) You’re not leaving the best possible voicemail. Call yourself and leave a message on your own voicemail. Then listen to it and ask yourself whether you’d call back or not?

b) You’re not building enough value with your prospect where they begin to fear that their going to MISS out if they don’t connect with you. Learn exactly how to we begin to build value using only Email, text and voicemail, even BEFORE your initial visit!

c) They can’t yet see the value you bring them or are still unsure of your motive.

We address THIS first and foremost! Studies have shown that fewer people are answering their phone, since the advent of the phone back during the days of Gray and Meucci, oh yes and Bell. 😉

Again, somewhere between 22% and 30% of smartphone users almost never use their phone to make voice calls! (several sources) And 95% of U.S. adults now own a cellphone, 91% of the time it’s within 3 ft and the average person checks their phone 110 times / every day! Heck, one study showed 1 in 3 people would rather give up sex than their phones.

Quite ironic, isn’t it! Never in history have we been so attached to the phone, yet not want to actually answer it. The good news is that there’s a silver lining. The answer lies right within the problem; it just has to be done properly.

The bottom-line is that you absolutely must get REALLY good at using all three communication channels, now often, just to get noticed. And we can help you get VERY EFFECTIVE at being seen, heard & readhow to stand out from the crowd and be different.

This means that you must have a PLAN to get your prospect’s attention and motivate them and this includes knowing what to say, what to send and where to point their focus, initially.

And just sending them your company link in an Email, of course, we KNOW doesn’t work anymore. What you might not know is how sharply this can actually works AGAINST you.

And this now, even, applies to AFTER your very first visit! I KNOW how weird that may sound. But this might be the most important point of all, next to how to get them ON the phone and based on our testing and tracking is the #1 reason, most likely, if you’ve struggled to get more people that you come in contact with to join you in your business.

No worries, there’s plenty of more effective things to communicate and we’ll show you exactly how to have all three communication channels work together in harmony, synergistically, focusing on one common goal and make it CLICK SIMPLE!

This is the initial KEY!

Just like with advertising and marketing, you follow the eyeballs, or like with commercial property it’s all “location, location, location;” you just have to communicate initially WHERE your prospects are LISTENING.

Hint: With a 98% open rate and 90% read in under 3 minutes, this is NOT a marketing channel we’re going to ignore!!!

New York Times says, “It’s the most powerful media ever invented.”

And today, even voicemail “boxes” can be full, or at least getting so full that prospects will not hesitate to skip right over your messages if you’re not careful. NO worries! You can soon have a link to everything you’ll need, in addition to begin leaving perfect voicemail!


Finally, remember, it’s not “who” you know, it’s who they know; always has been. Just ask ANY leader or successful Networker, how many of his or her top leaders in their organization that they knew BEFORE they got into MLM. The answer often surprises those whom have not yet achieved their full potential.

It’s absolutely true that Networker’s success is not tied to who they currently know. But in-order to tap into this cold market outside your circle-of-influence, there’s a myriad of things you must understand TODAY and that’s where we can help, far beyond a good prospect lead source and an app.


We’ve Also Released Our TESTED & PROVEN SMS Text & Email Content and Voicemail Scripts, The Final and Very Important Piece Of The Puzzle!


Combine this with our recommended apps and the complete success training plan online NOW this will be the greatest impact we’ve been able to have on our industry since the years following the turn of the century!

I just can’t figure out why WAY MORE Networkers aren’t already doing this. I’ve seen the data and watched firsthand how incredible this works. Maybe people are just not sure what to Email or text! You can gain access to the very foundation of content you’ll need, with some EASY instruction how to add your own style and personality, in a few short-story anecdotes.

This content project has really been rigorously worked on for years, beginning during my experience as an industry ghost writer. And finally culminated over this last year of testing, to this point right now, to provide you just the words and phrases you need to get the attention and attract the best prospects possible, finally using these two additional channels on a consistent basis.

All the content you’ll need for the app, along with our BRAND NEW complete overview training that includes all proven strategies, many, not even covered in our main training yet that were discovered over the last few months! Again, this process is not just for our lead prospects.

The new training module focuses on summarizing exactly how clients are putting it all together and improving their actual prospect connection rate by 50%, 100% or even more and it’s translating directly to their bottom-line! Plus how to add the phone app into the mix to make the whole process so easy, efficient and effective that it’s nearly IMPOSSIBLE not to do it!

Now listening to Sherell’s comments along with many of our other clients that bought into the plan some time ago and have already been reaping the benefits, it’s incredible. They are absolutely ecstatic about…

Using our recommended app you can now spend half your time getting the same done or twice done in the same time!

Sherell Slaise, “Mark, just imagine what I could have done if I had this app MONTHS ago and didn’t have to do this process manually every time!”

Now, I could also NOT be more serious, really. Keep in mind we do not make a penny recommending these two apps that without soon making a commitment to getting one of these apps and using it daily, there are really only TWO possibilities…

1) You’ll try and consistently follow the steps, sending Email and SMS text after every voicemail, manually, trying to keep up! But things will come up. You’ll make deals and trade-offs with yourself and ultimately, it won’t get done, at least NOT consistently.

2) Or maybe you DO make a commitment, like those whom came before you, that saw this DOES, in fact, work if you really follow the plan. But, it will cost you! It will cost you in TIME and a TON more than it has to!

Simply put, without one of the apps that we’re recommending, and remember at only under twenty bucks, ONE-TIME, you are losing money, recruits, customers and your most valuable resource, your TIME. AND WORST OF ALL, YOU JUST SIMPLY DO NOT HAVE TO!

“Work Smarter, Not Harder,” you’ve heard a million times.

…And now’s your chance!


Using Mobile Apps To Dial Prospects


So, would you benefit from one-touch click to send personalized Email and SMS text messages? If you work with ANY prospect leads in your business, the answer is a definite yes. But really if you prospect at all in your business you absolutely MUST consider this app and process.

Few networkers and sales professionals sit at their desks, tied to their computers and corded phones anymore. And technology has made it ABUNDANTLY easier to be MOBILE, yet NOT miss a beat!

Before sharing access to the apps that we’re recommending and why, let’s focus on a few more key points and insure you have a 21st-century business, on the go.

If you’d like to brainstorm a few minutes together to find the best course of action for you and your organization, just let me know here!

As we researched for the perfect apps, we knew we also needed a fast and simple way to move prospect lead files into this new phone app in just a few seconds a day. This put several vba coding projects in motion so we’re able to automatically and instantly provide you an extra daily file formatted properly with the headers the app is expecting. This way you simply need to access this file via Email on your phone and a few touch-clicks later your prospects in your new app, always organized by seamlessly being added to a brand new group!

…Even for iPhone users! As an Android user, I was shocked by the lack of ability to do such basic things as add new contact groups and organize contacts directly from the iPhone without the use of a third party or additional app! No wonder the iPhone app we’re recommending was an industry leader as a contact manager, long before our improvements. Wow Apple, not cool.

Anyway, another important criteria and the most difficult to find was the ability to keep all your prospects completely separate from your native phone Contacts App! Now iPhone clients simply need to access any given “group”, organized by day for ease and start touch-clicking from one contact to another within that “group” or on the Android a “campaign” and begin a thoughtful, purposeful, yet effective barrage of multi-channel communication!

The intention was near complete automation of our “4 X 3 Channel Communication Matrix!” Again just meaning a minimum of 4 voicemail, 4 personal Email and 4 personal SMS text to EVERY single prospect! And as simple as opening the app to today’s “group” or “campaign” or any earlier day, and start the process of Click 2 call, leave voicemail AND Click 2 send SMS text and Click 2 send Email, ALL in under 60 seconds!

As a huge added bonus, you’ll soon see, you can now do this entire process (including all the multi-channel communication) “on the go” from ANYWHERE, ANY TIME!

Imagine you’re sitting on a park bench, maybe watching your children, while you make a few calls, send a few SMS and a few Email, before you know it; OR you’re able to accomplish a TON during a road trip to a company event (AS A PASSENGER:); OR maybe you’re just taking some time outside to get some fresh air on a walk?

It’s whatever you want, you’re the boss. All I know is that you can be just as effective and efficient during these times as if you were sitting, at your desk, in front of your PC/iOS!

Now, it may be difficult yet to even begin to envision the, big picture, impact of all this for you and your team. If you’d like to brainstorm for a few minutes regarding the best course of action to maximize these benefits for everyone involved, just click here and let me know!

Of course, I’ll also share both our recommended apps as well! As Always NO purchase necessary.

We can also setup a coaching / training call for some of your team leaders to discuss these strategies, tools and ways to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of the initial “prospecting process,” en masse scale. Just reach out to us here!


Request Details On Our Recommended Phone App, Without Any Purchase!


(Note: You’re not required to buy prospects from Responsive Leads, to learn all about these auto-prospecting phone apps available on your favorite device.)

When the phone app is used properly WITH our tested and proven SMS & Email content for your app templates, and voicemail scripts; you can DOUBLE, EVEN TRIPLE your meaningful prospect connection rate and ultimately your customer acquisition and recruiting rate!

And all our clients gain ‘instant access’ to the exact tested and proven content that gets your prospect’s attention and gets them on the phone with YOU, just tapping into additional channels where your prospects are LISTENING more consistently.

Your Name:

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Your Phone:

Your Subject:

Select your device: AndroidiPhoneDetails on both


If you have ANY questions at all or would like to reach us for any reason, just let us know here. It’s the fastest way, next to calling us at 888-793-2882.

I look forward for the opportunity to connect with you and see how I can be of service to you!

Request The Details On Our Recommended Auto-Prospecting App, RIGHT NOW!

This App + Our Prospecting Process Is Responsible For Clients Seeing An Average Of 55% MORE Recruits and an Average Of ONE New Recruit EVERY Week! No Purchase Necessary.

When used with our tested, proven SMS/Email template content & vm scripts; you can DOUBLE, EVEN TRIPLE your meaningful prospect connections and ultimately your recruiting rates! All clients gain ‘Instant Access’ to the exact content that gets prospect’s attention and on the phone with YOU, simply tapping into where your prospects are LISTENING; and in seconds! +FREE custom setup + use walkthrough!